MyshaHello and welcome to Remington Avenue! I’m Mysha, design lover, fanatical DIYer, renovator,  bargain hunter, and wannabe chef!

My education and love for design originated in fashion but has transformed from dressing bodies into dressing houses.  I found all the same principles apply, think outside the box and break all the rules!

Join me in my journey of transforming this house into my home one project at a time!

Recent update:  We are scheduled to break ground on a custom home we designed our selves in Sept 2017!  I can’t wait to share the building process with all of you.

*mommy of 3 

*wife of CB – man of my dreams


*thrifty shopper

*graduate of Seattle Art Institute




*shower singer

*Diet Coke drinker


*door to door sales gal

*interior stylist

*short order cook

*project addict


*life liver