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All About My Custom Window Treatments & Drapes

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One very frequently asked question I get is about the window treatments in my home. Or more specifically, “where are your drapes from?” And while part of me wishes I could easily direct people to the exact drapes in my home, the reality is that they’re custom. I know that is not always what people want to hear, and is not necessarily the most helpful answer. However, I am a huge advocate of getting custom window treatments or drapes, at least in the main rooms of your home, if it’s within the budget.

custom window treatments
custom window treatments

To start, custom window treatments are exactly as they sound. They are made to actually fit your windows and ceiling height, which will give them a high-end look. Plus you’ll be working with skilled specialists who have an extensive knowledge of fabrics, hardware, construction, details, and trim, which will make all the difference in the final outcome.

custom drapes

When talking about different types of draperies, we are usually referring to pleat style, since that is what most people think of. But, there are also functional and non-functional (decorative) styles as well.

custom window treatments

Custom Window Treatment Styles

Pinch Pleat

The pleat consists of 3 folds of fabric pinched about 3 inches down from the top of the panel. My favorite type is a double pinch pleat and I use this probably 90% of the time. In my opinion it gives off the perfect elevated style vibe, but not too dressy like a triple pinch pleat can be.

Flat Panel

This style has no pleats. It’s just a straight drapery panel.

Euro Pleat

Two or 3 folds of fabric, but it is pinched at the top of the panel.

Inverted Pleat

The pleats invert or fold to the back of the drapery giving a pleated look with a flat front.

Rod Pocket

This is when the rod slips through a sleeve at the top of the drapery and bunches all together. This style is my least favorite! I feel like it looks messy and doesn’t lay well.


This style has metal rings fixed directly into the drapery for the rod to slip through. It gives off a more casual vibe and this is the style in my son’s room.

custom drapes

Roman Shades

You’ll see I’ve used this style quite often throughout my home in places like my kitchen, the basement, and the shared girls bedroom. I also used Roman shades in Juni’s bedroom, but with more of a balloon finish for a looser, more feminine touch. This style can be finished with an inside or outside mount, but the inside mount looks much cleaner so I would use it whenever possible.

custom window treatments
custom window treatments

Custom Window Treatments by Uptown Drapes

I have worked with Geeta from Uptown Drapes and Blinds for all of my draperies and custom window treatments in my house. If you’re shopping online you’ll head to the Uptown Drapes website for all of your drapes, romans, and rods needs. They are running a sale now till the end of May for 10% off site wide. But she gave me a code for an extra 5% off as well. My code is: MYSHA5 can be stacked on top of the sale price for the rest of the month.

custom drapes
custom window treatments

If you’re just starting to look into custom window treatments, I highly recommend checking out the Uptown Drapes site to get started. Take a look at their beautiful photo gallery of real client homes to inspire ideas for your own. Browse through over 660 fabrics and then order swatches to see the fabric in real life.

custom drapes
custom drapes

When it comes time to order, the process couldn’t be simpler. The site takes you through step-by-step the whole custom drape process. From designing, to ordering, to installing your very own custom window treatments. And on the site are easy to follow step-by-step “how to videos” for everything from how to measure for drapes, rod, and romans to how to install them.

Ordering custom window treatments for your home can seem a little intimidating, but I say start with one room at a time. And use my code at Uptown Drapes to save through the end of the month!

Mysha5 is good for 5% off site wide and since Uptown Drapes is having a sale right now until May 31st for 10% off, you can stack my code on top for a full 15% off this month!

custom drapes

I know that custom window treatments can be expensive, but they have always been worth the investment for me. And if you’re not quite ready to do custom drapes, Amazon does have some great designer dupes. These ones are a favorite of mine that comes in a variety of colors and fabrics. And you can also get a rod on Amazon too. They also have some options with fun, unique finials (those decorative pieces on the end of the curtain rods). Like remember those cute swans I used in my niece’s shared room? Those are from Amazon! If you’re wanting something more simple, I also like these acrylic balls or this simple end cap style.

But if you do choose the custom drape route, I couldn’t recommend Uptown Drapes more. Definitely check out them out locally or online!

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