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Boys Gift Guide

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Boys can sometimes be just as hard to shop for as girls. So I’ve put together this boys gift guide to help you with your holiday shopping! And if you haven’t already checked out my tween girl gift guide, I will link there HERE.

Boys Gift Guide

  1. Amazon Echo Dot – This is the regular version of the Echo Dot! I’ve linked the kids version on the tween girls gift guide. Echo Dots can play music, be an alarm clock, announce a morning checklist, and more!
  2. Sunglasses – Sunglasses just automatically make everyone look cooler! My son has informed me that these are the “IT” style.
  3. Beanie – If your boy is anything like my son, he loves all things Nike! This Nike beanie is perfect for the winter months.
  4. Helmet – Most boys probably need to wear a helmet 24/7, but this is mainly to go with the longboard in number 7! Safety first but lets keep it cool with this retro design that he will want to show off.
  5. Longboard – This will provide hours of fun when it’s nice outside! Vinny even rides his in the basement. WE love this board.
  6. Nintendo Switch – For those long winter days when he is “bored.” The Nintendo Switch is so much fun and has both single and multiplayer games that can be great for the whole family. (even hubby loves it)
  7. Nike Hoodie – Again, Nike is really popular amongst the boys this year, so anything Nike is a hit!
  8. Helmet – Another helmet! Because you can never be too safe with a longboard.
  9. Mini Basketball Hoop – If you haven’t had time to DIY your own mini basketball hoop following my tutorial, this one will go with most of your decor and isn’t too hard to look at!
  10. Flannel Hoodie – I love the look of this hoodie! It’s so trendy!
  11. Native Deodorant – I think we all know there’s a certain age when all boys should start using deodorant. I like Native because its aluminum free, clean ingredients that work!
  12. Native Body Wash – This goes along with the hygiene aspect of deodorant! And again, I like Native for it’s cleaner ingredients and they have great scents.
  13. Nike Air Jordans – These are very popular shoes for the boys this year!

That’s a wrap on this boys gift guide! Don’t forget to check out my other gift guides!

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