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Tween Girl Gift Guide

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I can’t believe it’s that time of the year already. It’s gift guide time! This year I am starting with a tween girl gift guide. I included hot ticket items that are trending as well as some things my girls like and things they might be seeing under the tree this year.

Tween Girl Gift Guide

  1. Helmet – I find it suiting that this is called the Remi helmet, but besides that, it’s always safety first! Especially if you plan on pairing it with gift number 15.
  2. Heatless Curlers – We use these all the time! They actually work really well and it helps to protect their hair by not putting heat on it.
  3. Doc Martins – Docs are a hot ticket item amongst the girls this year. I think the white ones are really cute and will go with everything.
  4. Bracelet Making Kit – I love this as a fun activity for the girls that doesn’t involve a screen. It stretches their creativity and they’ll have so much fun making bracelets for all of their friends.
  5. Smiley Face Slippers – Slippers are always a great gift in my opinion! Pair with number 6 to create the ultimate comfy, cozy lounge outfit.
  6. Blanket Hoodie – Enough said. Who doesn’t want to wander around the house in a wearable blanket?! Literally all my kids have these and love them. They wear them nightly!
  7. Teddy Crossbody – These little bags are really cute! The faux shearling is my favorite. It can be worn as a belt bag or a crossbody bag. I think I might even get one for myself!
  8. Blue Light Glasses – Protect their little eyes while they enjoy their screen time. We wear blue light glasses to protect our eyes, so why shouldn’t our kids! Plus they are so cute, my girls are always wanting to wear them as accessories.
  9. Tinted Lip Balm – The nice thing about tinted lip balm is that it isn’t actually lipstick, but they think it is! I really like Burt’s Bees products since they have cleaner ingredients. So I can feel good knowing what they are putting on isn’t full of chemicals.
  10. Legos – I’ve mentioned it before, but both of my girls are now into Legos and they’ve officially taken over our desk area as their Lego space. The LEGO friends sets are where its at and this one is SO Cute.
  11. Amazon Echo Dot – This Amazon Echo Dot is so cute and designed specifically for kids. It has parental controls and kids can ask Alexa to play music, read a bedtime story, ask for homework help, and more.
  12. Color-blocked Hoodie – The cold weather has set in, so it’s time to break out all of the warm clothes. Hoodies included!
  13. Gel Manicure Set – What little girl doesn’t like doing their nails? Save time and money at the salon and do your own manicures at home! Me and my girls do this all the time together.
  14. Checkered Fleece – Checkers are really trendy this year and this fleece looks nice and warm!
  15. Bike – These bikes are so cute! And once it warms back up a bit, the kids will be living outside. These vintage style bikes are super cool but also suited for the whole family. I ride it all the time too.

And that is my tween girl gift guide! Hopefully it gave you some ideas if you’re stuck on what to buy for your kids! If you’re shopping for boys, I’ve also put together a boys gift guide for things my son might be getting under the tree!

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