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Baby Must Haves


Juni Rose is here! I have rounded up a list of BABY MUST-HAVES that I highly recommend for any expectant mama to be! Consider this your first Gift Guide of the season. 

baby must haves

Being pregnant is such a journey, am I right?! You go through crazy ups and downs and then you have to think of all the things for this incoming little person. Having been there 4 times – these are my tried and true baby must haves that will help you prep for the littlest loves arrival! 

I am absolutely obsessed with this Nuna baby stroller.

I splurged on a new one for my last because the car seat is SO LIGHT WEIGHT yet extremely safe and stylish. It attaches right to the stroller. There are so many ways to customize this stroller to your needs. Trust me, any stroller you can push and direct easily with one hand is a WIN! 

baby must-haves stroller

I love this carrying bag so much for all things baby! This vintage designer bag has reinforced straps for comfortable carrying and can be used for travel with or without a baby. [ I shared all my what to pack for the hospital in this bag! ] You can use my code: MYSHA10 for 10% off any bag on their site. All bags are authentic up-cylcled Louis Vuitton bags with one of a kind designer details added. I also ordered this felt bag organizer to keep all the diapers, wipes, and all things baby nice and tidy in there. 

baby must-haves designer diaper bag

The ultimate in Baby Must Haves – a swing! OMG this is so underestimated in need! But it helped my fussy babies sleep on those hard nights or teething days. Trust me, its worth the room it takes up and every penny. I’ll be using the same fisher price swing I’ve had with every kid (still going strong) but I’ve also heard great things about the MamaRoo

baby must haves - swing

I am LOVING the Elvie breast pump – it is beyond convenient and it is so easy to use! I am actually able to get things done WHILE pumping because its hands free!  Um where was this pump when my other 3 children were born?? It’s very discreet, and basically silent. I literally where it around the house while cooking, working, and even in the car! Im telling you its game changer, and most insurances will reimburse you for the cost. You can use my code: REMINGTON15 for 15% off your breast pump. 

baby must haves- breast pump

Do they sell adult sizes for the Newton Baby Mattress? I mean seriously, this thing is SO comfy, but more than that its BREATHABLE! How many times have a woken up during the night to make sure my baby was breathing??? Countless- Im sure you moms can relate. This mattress is washable and you know your baby can breath even while sleeping tummy side down.  Every aspect is designed with baby in mind and what is more important than babies sleep?

baby must haves- crib mattressbaby must haves - matress


The Doc A Tot is a huge lifesaver as well – it comes in so many different prints and colors and snuggles that baby like mamas arms.  It’s a safe resting spot so mama can get things done with peace of mind! I like to keep mine in my favorite bassinet. 

I live for the look of this Design Dua signature Bilia Bassinet – I have shared the images of this one before, and you all seem to love it just as much! The leather handles are so gorgeous! Basically her little bassinet basket comes with me all around the house.

baby bassinett moses basket
Let’s play ” where is baby Juni”

I have totally fallen in love with these little tie bottom sleep sacks. First they are adorable, but so easy for those night time nursing/diaper changing session. NO buttons or zippers. Cozy, cute, and functional! 

baby sleep sacks

Lastly, this baby must have is a MUST BUY! 

The Ergobaby Carrier is a must- especially for getting things done around the house while baby wants to be held. Plus, if you have more kids (like I do), we are always on the go and this carrier is game changer. You can pack your baby on in front or back, facing you or facing out depending on age. I have had the same black Ergo pack with all my children. It continues to be my favorite and a must have for baby!

baby must haves- front pack

And ICYMI: is a sneak peek inside Juni’s nursery! Congratulations on your little ones! 

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