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DIY Branch Baby Mobile


The nursery is coming together perfectly, but I wanted to add another touch with this DIY Branch Baby Mobile. This wood piece has been repurposed in our other kid’s rooms and now it’s time to recreate it for this little one! I am so ready to meet her!

This DIY Branch Baby Mobile is great to get your creative juices flowing, because you can be as creative as you like with it – there’s not one specific thing that you need other than the supplies to actually put it all together.  

So, go nuts! Customize it to what fits with your decor!

You will need:

Decorative Branch

Faux flowers, faux leaves, feathers, little toy critters and anything else that goes well with your decor

Hot Glue Gun

Fishing Wire

Paint ***optional***

I gathered up some pieces that I felt would work with the DIY Branch Baby Mobile such as faux flowers, feathers, faux leaves and little toy critters. 

I found a place on my back porch where I could hang the branch while I worked on it. This was crucial because I could adjust as I went and see how it would look actually hanging as opposed to laying flat on the ground.

This is where you can’t really teach a DIY, you have to just feel where to put everything and play around with it until you’re happy.  

I found these beautiful feathers and hung them using fishing wire.  Fishing wire is so sturdy and so useful plus you can’t see it when hung.

Finally, I used a hot glue gun to add the remaining little flowers and leaves to different spots on the branch.  I wanted it to look organic but still thought out, you know what I mean?

The finishing touch: I added this adorable little owl to tie in with the rest of the nursery. Let me tell you, this little guy makes me so happy! He’s perfect to watch over this future little one we all love so much already! 

Thank you for following along for all the nursery projects and be a part of the process!  Read more on the Gallery Wall, Nursery Shiplap and THE dresser, you all know the one! xx

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  1. What a fantastic idea for a mobile! !!!!The design compliments the wallpaper perfectly. The placement is great. The baby can totally enjoy it while you’re rocking her..

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