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DIY Nursery Shiplap

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This DIY Nursery Shiplap wainscoting was so much fun to do! And it turned out so well! We are so happy with it – I love the contrast of the wallpaper with the shiplap!  Get ready to transform your space, you guys!  This is a pretty simple DIY, but it makes a B I G statement.

diy nursery shiplap


You will need these tools and supplies to complete this DIY nursery shiplap project:

Primed MDF Shiplap – these are reversible, so you can choose which to use, shiplap or bead board


Nail gun

Ruler / Pencil




Tablesaw (if you need to cut a smaller piece for your wall length) 

Wainscotting Cap

Gorilla Glue


Click on tool image to shop my exact tools



This shiplap is pretty thin, so overall it will be a simple DIY.  No cutting needed, just yet.  We didn’t even have to add a base cap because of the thinness – which means it lines up to the baseboard just perfectly.  You can trim off the small groove so you have a straight line across the top.  

When starting to nail to the wall – make sure to line up the shiplap and level each side so you can make sure the pieces meet up perfectly. 

Pro tip: When you don’t have the option to nail into a stud, you angle the nail gun so that it adheres to any molding piece or trim in drywall only. 

Work your way down the wall until you reach your outlets!  And now comes the fun part…  

Line your shiplap up to the wall where your outlet lies, and mark on all 4 sides of the shiplap, where the outlet meets up.  From there you will create a box with a ruler and pencil to outline where you need to cut your shiplap. 

I used a drill to create a small hole so that I can access the cutting of the box with my jigsaw.  This is really the hardest part of your whole project!  

We are lookin’ prettay, prettay good here guys!  (name the show!) 

Finish off the remainder of the wall!  Most likely your wall won’t fit shiplap planks perfectly, so from here we took our trusty table saw and cut the shiplap to fit the small sliver left to finish off the wall.  


Click HERE for more information on the wall mural and nursery rug! 

Fit into place, secure with your nail gun and YOU DID IT!  

Now to finish it off – We are adding a wainscoting cap to the top of the shiplap to add a super finished effect.  It looks so great you guys!

Measure out your wainscotting cap to the length of your wall – you may need two pieces if it’s not long enough – When working with two pieces, make sure you add a  mitered seam (angled seam) instead of straight – it just fits better this way.  Secure to your wall using your nail gun. 

To be a little extra – I added a topper to the wainscotting cap / molding cap.  Use the same process to cut your wainscotting cap, to cut your topper.  

I am securing first with gorilla glue, and then a nail gun – at an angle!  

Note: Sometimes a nail gun won’t get the nail all the way into the wall – from here you can use a‘nail set’ to force the nail into the wall so you can patch it.

From here, patch any nail holes with colored match wood filler and you can sand or wipe off and? Easy peasy.  

Next – covering the outlets!  One issue you may come across is the outlets are sunken in a bit when adding weight to the wall. Spacers are super easy and handy to use because you can fold them up and add them to the outlet to push them out so they are flush with the wall so you can add your outlet covers.  

Your last tasks to pull everything together is caulking any places that may need to be filled in and lined up with the rest of our wall or shiplap. In this case, I caulked between the baseboard and shiplap and between the wall and wainscoting cap.  From here, you can paint!  I matched the white paint already on all my trim work throughout my home. Simply white by BM.

I hope you love this DIY Nursery Shiplap – I can’t wait to see what room you transform!  xx


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