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DIY Mod Podge Pumpkins

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These DIY Mod Podge Pumpkins are seriously the easiest, cutest fall craft that anyone can do. You can find the video tutorial saved to my Instagram Highlights by clicking HERE (DIY pumpkins).

We are dressing up some simple pumpkins I have on hand from last year – and taking them to another level!

You can adapt this in so many ways and it is SO FUN.  Like, I had some of the most fun I have had doing a DIY in some time, it’s so creative. 

You will need:

Faux pumpkins

Printed paper napkins

Mod Podge 

Paint brush

Spray Paint ***optional***

diy mod podge pumpkins

Go outside the box and think of how you can bring the color scheme or the print into your home for Fall!  

So for these DIY Mod Podge Pumpkins, I pulled out some basic white faux pumpkins – these are plastic.

Unfold the top layer from the bottom layer to make a single ply napkin, I am going with a couple different prints of napkins. So now is your time to get festive!

De – stem the pumpkins – which, these are great because the stem just pops off! And you will want to add them back at the end, so how great is that?

Now it’s time for the mod podge – I am instantly taken back to elementary school – so fun!  

I am literally just following the instructions Aly shared, so we just want to paint on the Mod Podge. I got matte but you can do glossy too – whatever your preference is!  You don’t need a ton either, a little goes a long way.  

You can do this Mod Podge technique with so many other items too: a gourd, a skeleton head for Halloween would be so fun too! There are so many options!

So after you finish painting your pumpkin with the Mod Podge, you will just lay your napkin on the pumpkin and press down so the napkin adheres to the glue.  Lastly, just trim the excess napkin from the bottom and press down the last little pieces. Smooth out the pumpkin gently and now we are ready for the final coat!

Go back over your pumpkin with a thin coat of the Mod Podge – this will help the paper from ripping and will create a hard exterior. Let your pumpkin fully dry.

I took my stems and spray painted them gold for a little flare, you know how I do, guys!  Add them back onto your DIY Mod Podge Pumpkins and voila!

Everything you need is linked here!  I can’t wait to see your updated fall decor – tag me @remingtonavenue on instagram with your Mod Podge pics and let’s share what we can create!  xx

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