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How To Hang A Gallery Wall

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If you think you have to hire a professional to hang a gallery wall, news flash:  You’re wrong! 

This is THE simplest step by step of how to hang a gallery wall! click below to watch the full tutorial!


It’s tedious but can be done with a little precision and patience! It’s the chicest way to design artwork and the clean lines are just heaven to me. 

Let’s get started with what you need:



Screwdriver or a drill 

You may be drawn to use the anchors that come with the frames – don’t do it, throw them out!  Get yourself some Toggler Drywall Anchors. They screw into the wall you don’t have to drill, they are So. Much. better. 

And of course lastly you need your artwork! 

If your frame doesn’t come with a hanging template for your Gallery Wall you can create your own by tracing your frame – I know, crazy concept right?! Add little screw marks in each corner so you know where you want to screw each piece in.

how to hang a gallery wall

From here you want to cut out your template you have traced and measure your wall. This takes a little math but from here you can measure the midway point and work your way out from each frame. I use my paper template and level to mark where the top of the frame will hit and tape – moving down the wall with each template. Make sure each template is straight with your level. 

how to hang an art gallery wall

Now that we have our templates level and taped, come through with your screws and poke a little hole in each corner into the wall.  From here you can go back and mark on the other side of the template with your pencil. 

Now, did you take my first piece of advice on How To Hang A Gallery Wall?  Did you throw the dumb anchors they provided you?  No? Ok then…you will have to do a pilot hole with your drill bit and hammer in the anchor.  From here you can add your screw and hang.  

If you took my advice and grabbed the much better Toggler option, then you can just screw in with your screwdriver.  So much smarter, easier and they hold up so much better, you guys!  I am telling you!

Now that everything is marked and screwed in, we can remove our Gallery Wall templates.  You don’t need to use toggle anchors on the bottom screws, the top ones will hold the frame just fine.  

how to hang an art gallery wall


I am using coordinating prints by Chelsea McShane. This abstract series is called Remington and you can use my exclusive code: REMINGTON to get 15% off any of her art site wide! I absolutely adore these modern acrylic frames, just remove the protective film and hang! See?  Simple, pretty and looks so professional.  

how to hang a gallery wall

Make sure you tag me in all your Gallery Wall projects!  And here are more DIY’s to inspire you!  xx

Click HERE FOR THIS ART and use code: REMINGTON for 15% off any art purchase from her site.

Click HERE FOR ACRYLIC FRAMES or shop below by clicking on images. 

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