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What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag


I get asked all the time What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag…but I have been focusing on the nursery prep and saying ‘it’s not time yet’. 

Well it’s that time!  Baby Time

whats in my hospital bag- 38 weeks pregnant

I have gathered all the absolute must-have items to pack in your hospital bag.  Since this is my 4th (and last) baby, I know the things I packed (thinking I would use them) and then I have the things I wish I would have packed.  I think I have perfected the hospital bag by now and we are ready for baby girl!  

My C section date is scheduled for September 28th and this will be my 4th surgical delivery. I know exactly what to expect and that gives me peace of mind. 

I think having a pretty, yet practical hospital bag is important! You will never regret arriving (and leaving) with some style! DSW is having a huge flash sale and hundreds of bags will be 50% to 70% off! So whether you are gearing up for a baby or just need an amazing weekender, this is the time to shop! 

Hospital bag packing

The great thing about most of these clothing pieces is that they are absolutely perfect for non – maternity too!  I have been wearing them for months and will continue to do so post – baby.

These comfy nightgowns are perfect for nursing and so soft! These are by FAR the best nursing bras I have found, and get all the colors, girl. You’ll need them! Packing a cozy robe and slippers in your hospital bag may seem like too much but they are a bonus to have, and make your stay feel more special!

As you know, baby doesn’t need too much, but bringing extra gowns is key as well as a cute pacifier and clip

Now I am 100% ready to go!  Let’s do this! 

What was your must have item for your hospital bag? xx

night gowns / socks / nipple cream / baby gowns / robe / pacifier clip / pacifier / cozy blanket / slippers / nursing bras / overnight bag

I also wanted to note that this is the bag I will be using as my diaper bag! It’s going ON MAJOR SALE THIS FRIDAY so I wanted to give you a heads up! 

This vintage designer bag has reinforced straps for comfortable carrying and can be used for travel with or without a baby. You can use my code: MYSHA10 for 10% off any bag on their site. This bag and hundreds more will be on major sale this Friday, Sept. 25th. All bags are authentic upcylcled Louis Vuitton bags with one of a kind designer details added. I also ordered this felt bag organizer to keep all the diapers, wipes, and all things baby nice and tidy in there. 


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  1. My favorite thing I packed for both my kids was delivery socks!!!! They fit so well and have funny sayings on the bottom like “I can’t keep calm I’m having a baby” “if you can read this give me the good drugs” and “relax breathe and push!” And they have grippers on the bottom!!!!! Just google labor and delivery socks on Amazon and you will NOT be disappointed!!!!

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