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Festive Fall Front Porch Tutorial

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Fall is officially here and it’s time to get decorate with our Festive Fall Front Porch Tutorial!

After what can only be described as the craziest year, ever…we are getting an early start to decorating and starting with a Fall Front Porch Tutorial! Plus, we needed to get this all finished before baby’s arrival or it would never have gotten done, am I right?

First things first, clearing off, cleaning off, and power washing any dirt or grime that has collected over the Summer months! Start with a fresh palette. It will give you the freedom to get creative! This allows you to really have space for a vision and to not be distracted with anything currently on your porch. 

So let’s talk pumpkins! Pumpkins can get pretty expensive, especially if you have a lot of ground to cover. Trader Joes has great, well priced options even for the beautiful fairy tale pumpkins and they are only $6 each!

I know it seems early, and our main concern is keeping the pumpkins fresh through the season – so I will let you in on a little secret! A clear enamel spray or Polyurethane can be used for keeping pumpkins from rotting and going bad quickly – especially when they are sitting in the sun all day. Plus, a light spray of Polyurethane will make them shiny and pretty! 

The only caveat to this pumpkin pro tip is if you’re in a place where it freezes at night. Prep before and pull your pumpkins in from your Festive Fall Porch before bed and replace in the morning! 

So I have pulled out (or purchased) some key components for my Fall Porch Tutorial. I have some fun vintage signs, a great doormat – I love to layer these – and a beautiful wreath with gorgeous rust, sage green and yellow colors throughout. 

I ordered some super cute woven grass pumpkins and children’s witch hats for a fun install above the space (don’t worry, I will get there!) 

festive fall front porch

A theme is always a great way to start with decorating any space, and your Festive Fall Porch is no different! I love to do something not too cutesy, not too halloween but add in elements of each. This makes it fun for the kids, but keeps mama’s design heart happy! 

Now for those hats! I grabbed some thin fishing line, and tied a knot and the end of the strand, and threaded them through the top of each hat. Now we have a way to suspend the hats from the ceiling of my porch. I am using command light clips to hang them – super simple. I had the hubs stick the clips to the ceiling and vary the heights of the hats- creating some texture and depth.

Tip one: Think outside the box! Think beyond the fall stoop – look all around! What kind of fun installation can you bring to your unique fall front porch? Will you suspend hats from the ceiling or decorate your walls with spiders and bats?

festive affordable fall front porch

Tip two: Think in layers – doubling up on your door mat in different patterns and prints makes a great impact for your Festive Fall Front Porch! I love the added stripes on top of my lattice painted porch rug. Painted porch tug tutorial HERE

Tip three: Quality counts! Find yourself a good quality wreath (I linked mine from Wal Mart!) Purchase one that will last for more than just one season. I hang my wreaths in the basement to keep them safe and fresh! Fasten them to the door with command hooks so they are secure and don’t fall or hit the door when opening.

Tip four: Grab some fun signs or unique decor pieces to add to your porch. There is no wrong way to decorate and this is your time to think outside the box! Getting unique will make the biggest impact! I added in my little skeleton friend who is pretty much a staple this time of year! Some of you might know him by his formal name Coco. 

festive affordable fall front porch

Tip five: Grab pumpkins in different sizes and colors! Stack them or pile them into baskets or crates for added texture and design!

festive affordable fall front porch

Styling your Festive Fall Front Porch is so fun and makes the coming season so welcome!  Check out last years Fall Front Porch HERE!

What other fun projects are you doing this fall? Make sure you tag me with any of my recipes you make this season! Stay tuned for the BEST apple coming later this week!

festive fall front porch

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