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The Ultimate Beginner DIY Gift Guide


The ultimate beginner DIY gift guide is here! Whether you are a complete novice, or you have some projects under your belt, this is everything you need to take your DIY’s to the next level. I seriously swear by each of these and they have gotten me through some super fun projects, some challenging ones and maybe even a few fails. 2022 is the year to up your DIY game…you can do it!

  1. Kreg Jig – Great for drilling pocket holes. It’s perfect for building floating shelves, counter tops, and furniture. 
  2. Shop Vac – So useful for cleaning up all the saw dust in the garage. This one also hooks to the handheld sander for indoor sanding on feature walls and trim – this feature is exactly why its on my Christmas list this year! 
  3. Drill and Driver Set – Every beginner needs a good drill and driver. I use these almost daily hanging gallery walls, lights, drapery rods etc… And great news, this is currently on sale online!
  4. Noise Reducing Headphones – To protect your hearing when using loud saws and nail guns! These are great if you have sensitive ears!
  5. Measuring Tape – This should be a standard tool in everyone’s tool box. It should be one of the first, if not the first, tool every DIYer has when they start out.
  6. Laser Level – I use this with almost every trim project, and so many more as well. It makes creating level lines sooo much easier than using a traditional level.
  7. Paint Sprayer – If your DIYer plans to do a lot of painting projects, this is a great tool. I like using a paint sprayer because it’s easy to create even coats of paint on whatever you’re painting.
  8. 12″ Compound Miter Saw & Stand– I use this on every feature wall or trim project. I would also recommend getting the stand to go with it. Both are currently on sale right now too!
  9. Safety Glasses – Safety first! These are a must have for everyone, not just beginners & these are my favorite pair.
  10. Clamps – A set of clamps is always good to have on hand. I use them to apply pressure when I am building something that uses adhesive, so they bond together better.
  11. Cordless Sander – This is another item on my Christmas list. And guess what, it’s also on sale, for 50% off right now! Run and buy this before it’s gone. And maybe even get the Shop Vac to go with it!
  12. Laser Distance Measurer – If you need to measure the distance between to walls or objects, this is great to have on hand. Of course you can always use a tape measure, but this is easier.
  13. Nail Gun – Another one of my favorite tools on sale! This one is cordless too, so you won’t need the compressor and hose to go along with it. (I wish I had this one!)

I used a few of these tools on my recent DIY where I gave my sister’s loft a little glow up!

What are you wishing for on the ultimate beginner DIY gift guide?

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