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DIY Wood House Candle Holders


Who remembers my Christmas mantel last year? If not I will link it, because it is one of my favorites I’ve done. This year I wanted to take it up a notch. And to challenge myself even further I decided to use all leftover wood from my garage. This way I could use what I have up without having to buy more. Plus I wanted to show you all that you can totally just use what you have laying around the house. These DIY Wood House Candle Holders are beginner DIY friendly, so anyone can do them!

DIY Wood House Candle Holders Tutorial


7/8″ Forster drill bit


pipe cutter

miter saw or miter box

4×4 lumber

1×8 lumber(I used scraps from my garage)

copper pipe 3/4″

custom stain color/special walnut stain or stain/paint of choice

white puffy paint if desired

Flameless led tapered candles with remote

Before we get started, I do want to credit The Average Patch blog. My cute candle holder houses were inspired by their creations.


Step 1: Cut your house shapes to your desired sizes using your saw. The peaks on my houses are all 45 degrees cuts so super easy. (Actual first step – drill chimney holes…read on to see what i mean).

Now originally I cut all the peaks of my houses at the start, however I realized that wasn’t a good idea because I can’t use my Forstner drill bit at that angle. So then I chopped off all of the peaks. This is why I do this. To test out all the kinks before I share a tutorial with you guys.

After the thinner ones were done, I took a thicker piece of wood and repeated the process so my little candle holder village would have some dimension to it.

Step 2: Next, I used a Forstner drill bit to drill holes in the tops of the roofs of my houses. Using a drill guide/jig though if you have them.

Step 3: Then I cut my copper pipes and placed them in the holes to make little chimneys.

Step 4: You can totally leave them raw, but I knew I wanted to stain mine. So, next it was time to pick a stain! I tried a walnut stain, my custom stain color that I use for everything (you can find that here), and a mix of the two colors. I liked the mix of the two the best! But, I ended up staining some of them the custom stain color and some of them the mix of the two in order to have a variety in my little village. To apply the mix of the two, I went over the houses in the walnut and then back over them with the custom stain.

Step 5: For a more minimal look you can totally just leave the houses as is, but I wanted to Christmas-ify mine a little more. So I used white puffy paint to make them look like little gingerbread houses. I painted the windows with leftover dark gray paint and added whimsical features with puffy paint. I love how they turned out.

Step 6: Once they are done, add the candles to finish them off! I used Led flameless tapered candles. I don’t want any fires in my house, and these look so realistic.

These diy wood candle holders will hold up for years to come! This is such a great way to use those scrap pieces of wood you might have laying around that you might not know what to do with.

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