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Faux Christmas Tree Roundup


In my previous post, I did a holiday garland roundup. And, since y’all loved it so much, I figured I’d keep it going with a faux Christmas tree roundup. I get asked every year to put this together, so I figured it was about time I did it. Much like the garlands, the good trees are going to go fast, especially now that we’re in November.

A good tree to me is one that looks more realistic, has nice coloring and a good triangular shape to it. But at the end of the day, the best tree is going to be one that fits your space and budget the best. You can buy a beautiful faux Christmas tree, but if it is too big or too small for the space, something is still going to feel off about it.

Faux Christmas Tree Roundup

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  1. Holiday Time Pre-Lit Flocked Frisco Pine Artificial Christmas Tree, $119 – A great, affordable flocked option from Walmart. Stands at 7.5 ft tall.
  2. Pre-Lit ‘Feel Real’ Artificial Full Christmas Tree, $518.68 – Hundreds of individually crafted branch tips that are designed to give you the most realistic shape and feel. Available in two sizes 6.5 ft and 7.5 ft.
  3. Red Spruce Slim Pre-Lit Christmas Tree, My exact tree – Balsam Hill trees always come with a storage bag and fluffing gloves. And the quality is unmatched. Also has light pole technology, so no need to connect lights or replace burnt out heads. I have the 12 ft tree, but it’s also available in9ft, 7.5ft, and 6.5ft.
  4. Holiday Time Branford Spruce Cashmere Artificial Christmas Tree, $69 – This tree is not pre-lit, but it’s a great option for those on a budget. Plus, the size of the tree is very manageable so stringing lights on it shouldn’t be too difficult. 7 ft.
  5. Holiday Time Prelit 300 LED Color-Changing Lights, Liberty Pine Artificial Christmas Tree, $169 – Features a quick set up light feature. Meaning your tree will automatically light up once the poles are connected. 7.5 ft.
  6. Scarlet Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with 1000 Warm White Led Lights, $749 – Includes a storage bag and features power pole technology, so there’s no need to connect wires. Instead the power runs through the center pole. Available unlit and in multiple sizes.
  7. Premium Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree ‘Most Realistic’ BH Balsam Fir, $749 – Modeled after real Balsam Firs. Includes a storage bag, fluffing gloves, extra bulbs, and light pole technology. Available in two sizes.
  8. National Tree Company Pre-Lit ‘Feel Real’ Artificial Slim Christmas Tree, $259.99 – This tree is just over 3.5 ft wide, making it perfect for narrow spaces. Plus, the lights will stay lit even if one goes out! 7.5 ft.
  9. Yorkshire Fir Artificial Christmas Tree 600 LED Lights, $399 – Features power pole technology, so there’s no need to connect wires. Includes a storage bag as well. Available unlit and in multiple sizes.
  10. Flocked Pre-Lit long Pine needle Christmas Tree, My exact flocked tree( seen below) – You guys this tree is stunning even without decorations. Mine is 9ft but comes in 6.5ft AND 12ft option – free shipping, and you can choose your light option. I will add you have to plug each section into the next and it is extremely messy. If you are looking for a realistic flocked tree THIS ONE is a great option and on sale right now. When my current tree dies, this is the one I will purchase in its place! IT HAS LIGHT POLE TECHNOLOGY and less space between the branches. A bit more full of a look, Downside is its not long needle.
  11. King Noble Fir Artificial Christmas Tree 600 LED Lights, $499 – This tree is powered by King of Christmas’s power pole technology, so the power runs right through the center pole. Available as unlit and in multiple sizes.
  12. ‘Traditional’ Artificial Christmas Tree Berkshire Mountain Fir, $959 – The tiered branch of this tree structure forms a slender silhouette that saves space. Includes a storage bag and fluffing gloves. Available in multiple sizes.

There is truly a faux Christmas tree out there for everyone. If you don’t have a lot of room, a pencil tree is a great option. It’s tall and narrow, perfect for tight spaces. Have plenty of floor space but low ceilings? Don’t try to squeeze it as tall of a tree as possible, because you’ll still need room for the topper. Try a shorter, but slightly wider tree. Want a more realistic look? Choose a little bit of a less full tree with mixed pine needle types. If you’re looking to save, Walmart has great quality, affordable tree options! And don’t forget to save room in the budget for ornaments and other decorations.

12 Bloggers of Christmas with Balsam Hill - A Metallic and Glass Christmas Tree

Finding the perfect faux Christmas tree can be a big task. But, if you do it right, the right one should last you for years to come!

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