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How to Wash Pottery Barn Slipcovers


I’m sharing one of my favorite house hacks and one you will probably reference again and again: how to wash Pottery Barn slip covers!

I still love my Pottery Barn York Sofas as much as I did the day I bought them and as much as I did the day I wrote my honest review of them. Click here to read.

They’ve held up really well and are super easy to clean, which is great with four small children running around! This makes the couch more of an investment piece than you know, since you can wash and rewash to keep your couch looking fresh and new…how many couches can you do that with?

I chose a high performance fabric specifically with my kids in mind and I am so happy I did. Any of the spots and stains they’ve had have come out super easily. So I wanted to share the details of how to wash Pottery Barn slipcovers!

Every Spring and Fall, I like to do a complete wash of my Pottery Barn slipcovers for a refresh and to get any spots out. You can see in the photos they were in need of a good wash. And check out those afters!

I took them off, turned them all back right side out, and zipped them back up.

Biggest ‘how to wash Pottery Barn slipcovers’ tip?

PRE-TREAT !! It is a life saver! I simply spot treat them with my favorite stain remover.

I also add a scoop of Oxi Clean to my laundry detergent when I put them in the washing machine. From here, I wash them in cold water on delicate.

Once they are done in the wash, I lay them all flat to dry. I actually put them back on the frame and the cushions slightly damp, so I can let them finish drying there. This gives the fabric more give and makes it easier to stretch it over the cushions with no problem. NOTE: if you live in a humid area, be sure let them completely dry laying flat.

Once back on the frame, I check for loose threads and piling. I haven’t had much piling with this fabric, but I do get a little bit on the front of the bench seat . To fix this, I just snip off any loose threads and use a sweater shaver on the piles.

And voilá – fresh couches for a fresh season! I get so much satisfaction with this project, hope you all find it useful!

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