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Pottery Barn York Sofa- Honest Review

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Back in July when I placed my order on these Pottery Barn York Sofas I felt relief. I had been searching and searching for the perfect light neutral sofas for months.  I received so many dm’s and emails asking about them and checking to see when they would arrive.

Pottery Barn York Sofa- My Honest Review on a timeless neutral sofa

I came pretty close to ordering almost the exact same sofa from Restoration Hardware.  Since I needed two sofas, it would have been a pretty big bill. I continued my hunt and FINALLY walked into pottery barn and saw them on the floor.  Again- so similar to the RH model I was eyeing, but much less expensive.  I sat down and sighed. I FOUND MY SOFAS! Of course Pottery Barn was having one of their great sales (which is why I was there to begin with).  I looked at all the fabric swatches, wrote down the one I loved, and went home.  After talking with my husband, I ordered my two Slope Arm York Sofas that very same day!

Pottery Barn York Sofa- Honest Review

Keep in mind I’ve only owned these sofas for 2 weeks, but I’m in LOVE! Feel free to email me or dm me @remingtonavenue on Instagram if you have any questions down the line. I’d be happy to give you my honest feedback.  This is in no way a sponsored post, just trying to provide my friends and readers with helpful info on a big purchase. Affiliate links used throughout this post.

Pottery Barn York Sofa- Honest Review

These sofas are my second big purchase from Pottery Barn. Last year, I ordered my 4 post bed from there. The quality is amazing, and of course I love the style.  HERE IS MY ONE CAVIOT WITH POTTERY BARN: I LOVE THEIR PRODUCTS AND STYLES, BUT THEIR SHIPPING AND PRODUCTION NEEDS HELP.

Most all of their larger furniture pieces take about 10 weeks.  They are made upon order.  That is a totally normal turn around time for the caliber of furniture.  My issue is when they don’t come on time and your waiting months on end after the promised 10 week period.  You can read about my bed order and delivery HERE.  As I said before, I ordered these sofas back in July and just now received them on October 31. That is 16 weeks.  Moral of the story- develop patience and make sure you are prepared to use it if you order these sofas!  That being said… You will love them. 

Pottery Barn York Sofa Pros

York Sofa Timeless & Versatile Design

These sofas are beautiful and that’s all there is to it.  They carry low profile elegant lines and can basically go with almost any style.  You could change your decor completely and they would still work with anything. Mix them with modern pieces or rustic tables… it doesn’t matter…they will look fab!

Pottery Barn York Sofa- Honest Review

York Sofa Comfort

Good design and comfort are my top 2 priorities when purchasing a sofa.  My husband agrees, these sofas are dang comfortable.  They are super deep and long which means roomy!  My hubs isn’t a super tall dude (5’10”) but he can lay completely flat and take a snooze while watching football and be perfectly content.  It’s a standard fill wrapped in down, so its very comfy but holds its shape really well.

Pottery Barn York Sofa- Honest Review

The york sofa is also very deep.  If the lumbar pillows are removed my legs don’t even come close to reaching the floor.  If you want to be able to sit up with your feet on the ground, keep the lumbar pillows on! Either way, it’s very comfortable.

Pottery Barn York Sofa- Honest Review

Pottery Barn York Sofa Options

I love that there are so many options and ways to order this sofa personalized to you.  You can order the sofa with with a bench cushion (one long cushion like I did) or separate cushions.  I simply prefer the clean seamless look of one long cushion over two. It’s easy to fluff and it maintains its shape really well.

Pottery Barn York Sofa- Honest Review

Pottery Barn offers a bazillion different fabrics to choose from (many strain resistant high performance fabrics which I love) and different sofa lengths of 60″, 80″ or 95″.  My favorite option is the slipcover vs upholstered.  While I love the tailored look of the upholstered sofa, the slipcover was a must for me.  We have 3 small children who don’t always listen even though we tell them not to take food into the living room.  Imagine that (kids who don’t listen lol). If you are in the same boat or have pets, I would highly recommend the slipcover version.  They are washable and still look amazing and crisp on the sofa. These slipcovers are not your grandmothers slipcovers.  They are perfectly tailored to fit the sofa seamlessly.  Really the only spot I notice that the sofa has a slipcover vs being upholstered is the slope arm.  I am working on smoothing that area a tad more.

Pottery Barn York Sofa- Honest Review

York Sofa Wearablility

If your going to order these sofas, spend a little more for the high performance fabrics.  They will last longer.  No peeling or stains, just fresh looking fabric all the time.

Pottery Barn York Sofa Cons

York Sofa Cost

These sofas are expensive so just be prepared.  However, Pottery Barn frequently holds 15%-30% off sales, so make sure to take advantage. When purchasing a big ticket item, sales help a lot.  Even though these sofas are pricey, they are super quality and custom made upon order. If you follow me on Instagram, I will always let you know when they are on sale! Right now (today) they are having their Buy More Save More event, so you can get 30% off your order here. Just use the code: SAVEMORE  for the discount.  Also, this is the max discount you can get, so if you’ve been waiting for this review and details, def take advantage!

Pottery Barn York Sofa- Honest Review

Pottery Barn York Sofa Production Time

Depending on the fabric you choose, Pottery Barn specifies a 6-10 weeks turn around. That’s a big fat lie…be prepared for 15 and you’ll be a happy camper. It just takes forever and there is no getting around it.

York Sofa Slipcover wrinkles & Threads

If you order the slipcover just be aware that they come quite wrinkled.  Buy yourself a hand held steamer to alleviate the situation.  Each time you wash them, you will either have to iron or steam again.  I prefer to use a steamer because you can do it while the slipcovers are on the sofa.  Click here for the steamer I love and use.

Pottery Barn York Sofa- Honest Review

I also took a pair of scissors and trimmed the leftover loose threads from manufacturing. It’s not something I will have to do again, but just thought I’d let you know. If you have any questions that I didnt address, please leave me a comment in the section below and I would be happy to answer.  Also, I will be updating this post biannually so that you’ll continue to get my honest feedback!

Pottery Barn York Sofa- Honest Review

6 Month Update

I am still loving these sofas.  I have not needed to machine wash my slip covers yet so I cannot provide any info there. I did have to spot clean one area that had a smudge of dirt. It came up easily just with a wet cloth. I have had a lot of questions on piling. The only area I have had any piling is the front of the bench cushion.  I have had so little that I could pinch of the few balls that piled up there.  I would still recommend these sofas to anyone and I have been super happy with the fabric choice.

My Pottery Barn York Sofa Specifications

Here are the exact specifications of the sofas I ordered. Click Here to order my exact same sofa!

York sofa Grand 95.5″

Bench Cushion

Slipcover: Sunbrella® Performance Slub Tweed, Pebble

Click Here for all other room sources





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  1. I just ordered my York slope slip covered sofa with the bench seat. I ordered the 95 grand sofa the first week of November. The fabric I chose is the Premium performance basketweave in ivory. According to PB I should receive the order some time in January fingers crossed! I am excited that we got to use the buy more save more discount because it saved us over 900$. I thank you for your review and I’m looking forward to having my family room refinished and looking beautiful.
    Best regards,
    Kim C

  2. Good information to know! Thanks for sharing such a detailed review. I have enjoyed watching your new home getting decorated and being filled with beautiful things…like these sofas.

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