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Neutral Fall Decor Update

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You know that feeling where…it may be too early to welcome Fall, but you are just ready for a season change? That’s been me the last couple weeks, so I broke down and did a little neutral fall decorating around the house! And I can feel it! I willed the season change! It’s almost Fall, ya’ll!

I am sharing some tips on how to pull things you already have, and add in a few things here and there to make a big impact!

My number one tip? Think about: texture, color, and shapes in collections of threes for a winning combo. Texture doesn’t need to be bulky and it can be so beautiful!

I started by washing my slipcovers on my couch [ sharing more on that soon! ] I like to do this every spring and every fall for a refresh and to get any spots out. Plus it’s a clean slate and it sparks creativity!

Once those were cleaned and put back on, I add elements to bring up the cozy level.

This year, I kept my fall decor on the neutral side, layering textures is key when working with neutrals. I started with a cable knit throw blanket on the couch.

Then I added THESE NEW PILLOW covers. (Always do the interior designer “chop” to make them look extra fluffy…they’re the coziest!)

For my neutral fall decor update, I ordered some pillow covers that are neutral, but textured. I swapped out my pillow covers that were currently on my pillows for these new ones and I love it. Seasonal throw pillows can add just the right amount of festivity to a space without being overwhelming. I prefer [ but it’s really a personal choice! ] to use pillow covers because they are easy to swap for new ones, and they take up less space to store in the off seasons! TO PURCHASE MY PILLOW COVERS & INSERTS CLICK HERE.

Then I brought in a couple of dried stem arrangements I made! If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about fall decor..IT SELLS OUT quickly. Especially the fall stems, so grab them while you can!

I am especially loving the organic dried stems this fall, they’re super on trend. I made a couple of arrangements for my house and they can be so versatile. You can think of it as another decor element that can be brought in with “swapping” in mind. If you already have a vase in the space, you can change out your current arrangement for one with fall tones and foliage. TIP: Spray your dried stems with hairspray to keep from shedding everywhere.

Next add little touches here and there. I added a few neutral gourds, some birch logs, and acorns to shelves and other areas where they are seen but not too out of place. A touch of fall without the clutter or feeling where it isn’t intentional!

I love adding gourds or pumpkins to glass jars I already have around the home. A super simple neutral fall decor update that really makes a statement but is insanely simple!

Natural textures work so well for fall. I know Target has some great corn husk and woven pumpkins this year that are perfect for this.

Can’t forget about my favorite clean fragrance device! I love to add this to a finished space. It really brings everything together.

This device makes my home smell amazing and they have launched their fall fragrances that smell soo good. I love the warm cinnamon and the amber harvest.

To check out all my neutral fall favs and the items I ordered for my fall home, you can visit this post for inspiration and links!

How cozy is this space now? So happy with my neutral fall decor update this season – I feel like it’s the perfect place to gather for all things Fall! Cider making being one of them!

What are your go – to’s for refreshing your space season to season? Let’s share tips!

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  1. I LOVE the picture frame moulding with your sweet babies’ pictures in this room. You did an amazing job! Do you mind sharing the color? I did BM Simply White but it doesn’t look as white as yours. I love the crisp clean look of it.

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