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Create a Teen Boy Room He Will Love

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If you are new here, you might not know that we built and designed this home 4 years ago. Vincent’s bedroom was one of the first projects I took on after moving in. Room by room I have been making this dream house into a home that reflects our family and each of our personalities.

So now, I am sharing how to create a teen boy room he will love!

You can read about my son’s first design overhaul HERE and HERE. We actually built his hanging bed together (he was 7 at the time), installed the modern style wall molding along the feature wall, and installed the wood paneling covering the ceiling soffits. Since then he has grown up a few years (now approaching 11) and has entered pre teen mode! I have always said a well designed room should never need a complete overhaul if it’s done right the first time. You’ll notice that I really haven’t removed anything from the original design, just added to it!

So HOW do you create or design a room that your teenage boy will love?? I always start with this question… What does he love? It may be just one thing, or if your son is like mine, he probably has several obsessions. My sons answers:


From his answers, you can clearly see my inspiration. Legos, Star Wars, and Fortnite are all things that carry a boy from childhood into his teenage years, and for a lot of men, even into adulthood. Nothing too juvenile here to expire quickly.

Other theme ideas may stem from sports, instruments, and books. My son has been playing guitar for 2 years now and I love using instruments displayed as art. Here is the link to his guitar wall mount.

So number one must have for a boy room? COMFORT: My son likes to be comfortable in his wardrobe and at home.

Every blanket, sheet, and layer in his room is super soft and cozy. He previously had a quilt on his bed that was not soft, and it ended up on the floor every day. So take it from me, look for comfortable layers that look good.

I replaced his old blanket and sheets with a beddy’s. It’s basically a fitted sheet and comforter in one and it zips up nicely so the bed stays tidy! This is a win-win for moms and kids. The bed actually gets made and it is as soft as can be. The top sheet is actually made of ultra soft minky fabric and the entire beddy’s is machine washable. That’s right, just take it all off and throw it in the washer and dryer just like you would wash sheets.

Here is the link to Beddy’s and code: MYSHA will get you 20% off your order at anytime. BTW, I have them in my girls shared room as well. So many great styles to choose from.

Now let’s take the tour shall we?!

Let’s start with the new LEGO shelves. If you are looking for the tutorial on how to create these floating shelves in your own home, click HERE. My son and husband are both LEGO fanatics. This whole unit was designed specifically to display all their creations. I really don’t see this changing ever, but if for some reason my son decides one day he no longer likes legos, these shelves can house anything. The floating shelves themselves are a form of art.

I really didn’t do much to the feature bed wall other than refresh the bedding (which I already mentioned) and switched the location of this nightstand and desk. With the addition of the LEGO shelves, it felt a bit crowded to keep the desk there. I am loving the new functional layout.

What is the best addition to any boy room? FUN. So ya, I also bought these cool lucite light saber mounts to display the custom lightsabers his dad and him built on our last trip to Disney world. Again, anything can be art: ie, lightsabers, swords, instruments, comic books, etc…

You’ll notice on the other walls around the room that I did a subtle, paint feature to help add life to the walls, without distracting from the main feature wall behind the bed. I really love how the color warms up the room. White walls are simply white BM and gray design is Revere Pewter BM.

Moving to the window wall you will see that I kept the same drapes from Uptown Drapes. These drapes are a true testament to the fact that a well designed room shouldn’t need a complete overhaul. They have lasted the test of time in quality and style. Use code: MYSHA5 for 5% of any custom window treatment from their site.

I replaced the small bean bag chair he originally had with a hanging chair and I think it takes up space in that corner nicely.

To make it more industrial to match with the rest of the room, I hung it with the same chain I used on his bed. His dresser is the same one I repainted when we first did his room. The paint has held up, and the pattern is still mature enough to grow with him for years to come. I also hung up some new art above the dresser for an easy refresh! Some signed copies of Fortnite comics really made him smile. Make sure to follow me on INSTAGRAM where I share the ins and outs of all these design projects daily.

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  1. Some of your creations in your son’s room was so fun to watch happen. You do such beautiful work here and throughout your home. So much talent.
    Hope your on the mend and will start a new project really soon. Although with four children I admire your organizational skills. I only had three and I did lots of my projects at night. Not ideal!
    Thank you for great ideas.
    🌷❤️. Maybe I’m your oldest fan!

    1. awe Harriet thank you. It’s not always organized, maybe more like organized chaos, but we get it done.

      1. I noticed your black doors in multiple posts. They look beautiful! Can you please share the color name you used? Also want to know where did you get the golden color door knob

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