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Mother’s Day Gift Guide – What Mom’s Really Want

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I have pulled together this special Mother’s Day gift guide to break down the personal gifts and experiences that warm her heart and show her just how much you appreciate her!

So what do mom’s really want for mother’s day? I asked this very question to my Instagram audience and I think you might be surprised by the top answers. That being said, all us Moms are different and unique so I don’t think one answer matches each of our desires.

The title ‘Mom’ sure takes on a lot of meanings: caretaker, protector, disciplinarian, friend, teacher, really I could go on and on but our roles as mothers change throughout the years.

A young mother with small children at home might want a break, some silence, or a whole day of caring for nobody, while an older mother (even grandmother) only wishes for attention and to be surrounded by her loved ones. . Funny how our desires change depending on circumstance!

I received thousands of responses to this question, but 10 of them (in this order) were repeated over and over. Maybe you can Identify with one of these answers or even find a gift idea that you didn’t even know you wanted. Hopefully this post is helpful to share with those you love. Let’s make it easy for our partners and children to give us what we really want. No right or wrong answer, just what makes you feel loved. 

These were the top 10 answers I received to “What Moms really want for Mother’s Day.”

1. A day to myself with no responsibilities. This could mean laying in bed, binging Netflix, shopping, sleeping, reading, or even a night in a hotel away… Just to be left alone.

2. Spa Day! This could include anything from a massage, facial, pedicure, manicure, laser hair removal, or the works! Moms wanna be pampered. Go get your mama a gift card to her favorite spa and book her an appointment on Mother’s day. If she doesn’t have one, find the best one in your area. Perhaps a more intimate way to offer relaxation would be to offer a service yourself. I.e. a shoulder rub, a foot massage with a nice lotion, and a special face product to care for her. I have even linked my favorite personal hand held massager and at home laser hair removal device below. Code: MYSHA20 for 20% off!

3. Quality Time! Time with my kids! This could look like a picnic, a family dinner where kids/spouse do all the cooking, acts of service, a nice call if you’re across the country, acknowledgement- showing they are thinking of me, a bike ride, paddle boarding, a walk around a lake, or a sentimental gift – thoughtful praise. These are ideas and words directly from my readers!

4. Flowers, plants, gardening supplies! Moms want gorgeous potted plants, hanging plants, lemon trees, varieties to grow in their yard and every kind of yard accessory out there. Specifically named from my readers are these: front porch urns, modern planter with plants, outdoor bistro lights, pool loungers, garden tools, hanging chairs, Blackstone grill, bird baths, or even a family yard day where everyone pitches in to clean up the yard.  I have linked some of my personal favorites and top sellers for these categories below. Just tap the images to shop!

5. A CLEAN HOUSE! One of the number one responses and a must on any Mother’s Day gift guide!

Some moms wanted a monthly house cleaning service, while others wanted their family to do the house cleaning that month. Many moms want a new vacuum, green machine, or electric mop. These were the specific brands requested in multiple answers. Tap the images below to shop the top requests.

6. A meal made by someone else! The responses for this came in many forms from brunch at a great restaurant, dinner made by the family, to breakfast in bed. Make sure she gets a good meal!  Many moms even requested specific kitchen appliances and tools for future use. These were specifically cordless hand mixer, ice cream maker, Pebble ice maker (this was a big one), quality cooking pans, Nespresso machine, Blackstone Grill, and crockpot.  I’ve linked my favorites below to take the guesswork out for you!

7. Make my house smell good! Specifically moms requested Airmoji devices and pods, candles,& plug-ins. You know how I feel here, Get her the clean stuff with no harmful chemicals. Here is the link to shop the Airmoji device and grab the new spring fragrance pods: lemon mint and lavender linen. They smell amazing, you’ll have to trust me on this one.

8. Power Tools for projects! Can you tell I surveyed my audience lol- my kinda women! Repeatedly y’all asked for these tools (in this order)…cordless nailer, cordless sander, miter saw, paint sprayer, and laser level. I even had a few women ask for nice paint brushes. You may want to just opt for a Lowes Gift Card so she can select exactly what she wants. click the images below to shop my favorites and the brands requested by you!

9. Nice jewelry! Moms want keepsake jewelry, collectables, and sentimental pieces that remind them of their children. 

Specifically named were “mama” necklaces, birthstone rings or necklaces containing each kid’s birthstone, & Pandora bracelets. I have sourced these pieces for you below. just tap the images to shop.

10. Gifts! women speak and receive love in all different ways, but this group of women requested these gifts specifically; workout gear, spin shoes & apparel, perfume, designer handbag, new clothes, spring dress, shopping spree, shoes, good slippers, Reflections of Christ canvas, polarized sunglasses [ love these and these too! ], family photos, AirPods, comfy pajamas, car cleaning supplies, organizational bins, botox, inflatable paddle board.  I’ve linked everything below(the brands and styles specifically requested by these women). I hope this makes it easy to give these mamas exactly what they want!

For past ideas, I have shared previous gift guides here!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful, hardworking mamas out there .  Make sure above all to take the time to express to your mom/partner appreciation for the work she does everyday to make your life a little better. 

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  1. This is the BEST list I’ve ever seem from a blogger. You covered every area so well!! Truly spot on. I’ve done the picnic and plant picking with the family…I love quality time. This year I’m asking for a clean house (Eufy) so we shall see!!! 🙂
    Happy Mother’s Day to you and all other reader moms!!!

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