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White Interior with Dark Doors

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One of the most common questions I get asked is “what is your door color”? Today I am here to answer that question and share why you should paint your doors dark too!

white interoir with dark doors

white interior with dark (black) painted doors

Black doors (or dark doors) are classy! White walls, white trim, and white doors come across standard or maybe even cottage, but add a pop of ebony in the mix and the high contrast just screams sophistication!  Even a laundry room appears more refined with a dark dramatic entrance.

white interior with dark painted doors - black doors

white interior with dark doors- black doors

Dark doors frame a great view! It could be a view to a study or a master bedroom retreat, or the gorgeous outdoors.  Either way a dark frame just enhances the scenery within…kinda like framed art!

white interior with dark doors - black painted doors

Black doors play off other black accents in a space. Take my entry foyer for example, the dark doors marry the dark stair balusters and the dark carpet all together, creating one beautiful design triangle.

white interior with dark doors - black painted doors

Builder grade doors transform into a custom look with black paint! Classy doesn’t have to equal a million dollars.

white interior with dark painted doors - builder grade door painted black
Design Source: The Yellow Cape Cod 


white interior with dark doors - builder grade doors painted black 1
Design Source: Frills & Drills

Black doors will enhance your hardware or make it blend in.  In my house, both is true.  I have a black steel front door with flat black hardware.  The custom door is the design focal point while the hardware is merely there for function.   On my interior doors, the opposite is true.  I have a simple modern 2 panel door.  Paint them dark and add some decorative door knobs and you have yourself a piece of art! My door color is Cheating Heart by Benjamin Moore. This rich dark color with blue undertones is enhanced with these Emtek brass and crystal door knobs throughout.  To mimic this look, order the rectangular rosette in the French Antique finish. Customize with the Provence crystal knob.  Emtek offers so many great options, the combinations are endless! Click here to customize your look.

white interior with dark doors - black doors

white interoir with dark doors

white interoir with dark doors

Shop My Door Hardware In 6 different finishes! (Scroll & Tap Images below)

Have I convinced you to paint your doors dark yet?  Here are some of my favorite dark paint colors that will be sure to transform your ordinary doors into something extra special!

white interiors with dark doors



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  1. Hi Mysha,
    I’ve got a planked wall in Sherwin-Williams color inkwell ( black with blue undertones). Do I need to pain my interior doors the same color or can I use a different black with blue undertones that is a bit more subtle? The remaining walks in my kitchen are SW shoji white and I’ll be painting my den and hallways SW gossamer veil.
    Thanks for your help! I love your house!
    I would love to know your design process; how do you figure out what paint colors to use?
    Have a great day,
    Christy Huff

    1. Hi Christy,

      Your doors can be a different hue as long as the undertones are similar and the 2 blues coordinate well…esp if in the same space.
      When designing a whole house, paint is one of the last things I pick out because you can get basically every color under the sun.

  2. I really want to paint my doors dark, however, they were painted with oil based paint. I live in Southern CA and you can no longer get tinted oil based paint. Aside from sanding all of them, do you have any suggestions on prep/paint?

    1. Hi Heather. If you plan to paint over your oil based paint with latex you will either need to sand it or use Oil Bond. If you dont know what that is just google it 🙂

  3. My whole house is Agreeable Gray by SW. i would like to paint my interior doors dark. My home is pretty neutral with gray and blues. Do you paint all the doors in the house? Also i have builder grade chrome hardware – would i have replace them or the hinges?

    1. I did paint all of my doors, but you don’t have to do that. I have just a select few that have white on one side adn dark on the other. You can use any hardware you like, no need to replace if you love yours already.

  4. Hi Mysha, What an inspiration you are to so many but especially to me. You have inspired me to do so many projects on my own and the first one was the brick backsplash in your old home. I can’t thank you enough! I also started my on blog called Carla’s Coastal Creations as we live at the beach. I now own a table saw and every other tool and love being a DIY girl. I am so happy for you and your family and your new beautiful home! You are amazing and I love your style! Thank you again for sharing with us and inspiring us! Blessings, Carla Tigner

    1. Carla,

      Thank you so much for your sweet message. Honestly you dont know how happy I am to hear that you have picked up some new skills and are well on your way to encouraging others to do the same. Thank you for joining me here.

  5. I am in love with your house. It has inspired me in many ways. We have an old house built in 1938 that was last updated in the 70s. Think orange bubble glass on the island. Yikes! We’ve opened it up and my style is fairly neutral walls (I have a greige colour we love) and using linens and decor for the splash of colour. I absolutely love the dark doors, however, being an older house with narrow hallways I worry about the colour. Painting my greige colour in the hall has brightened it immensely, so I’m worried about dark doors, but I really like the contrast.

    Another question … I have white trim in the bedrooms and was considering turning my old bi-fold closet doors into french doors that were also white. Would you recommend the closet be the same as the bedroom door or as you mentioned, would you have white on the back and dark on the front?

    I’m struggling, because I love the dark door style, but I’m worried about it darkening the hallways and rooms. It’d be fun to have a blank canvas to start with and more open space, but we absolutely love our old home so I’n not moving yet 🙂 I’d appreciate your thoughts.

    1. Hi Kira, what an exciting adventure. I would say as long as your wall color is nice and bright, the contrasting dark doors really won’t affect the overall brightness. You could always just try it on one door and see how you like it before you commit to a whole level or house.

      I would keep the inside of the bedroom door white to match your white french doors, or paint all of them dark.

  6. I have a narrow hallway, I recently went white walls white trim and live the love the look but was thinking of doing doors charcoal- however, there are 5 doors in my narrow hall- about 8” apart- not sure how I feel all dark doors, would it make sense to just pain the door that is straight on/ and leave the others to blend with the wall? Thank you.

    1. I would start with the straight on door. If you like it as a stand alone leave it. If you feel you want to add more then do so! No wrong answer here.

  7. Would dark doors even look good in a small home that is around 1300 square feet? I love the dark doors but am afraid it would make the house too dark since it is so small. Would love to know your thoughts. Love your blog and design style btw.

    1. Hi Jennifer, I absolutely think you can still do dark doors in a small house. Just make sure to keep the walls nice and bright.

  8. You’ve convinced me! I started painting mine in Cheating Heart yesterday. And I have to admit, I absolutely LOVE it! I painted till my arm ached and I’m up and ready to get back to it today! I had tried painting one of my interior doors a semi gloss black and I just didn’t love it. I know you said you have semi gloss on yours, but I went with a satin finish and the Cheating Heart is just the perfect deep dark gray. Thanks so much for the inspiration & advice you share so willingly!

    1. I am so glad you are loving it. My fav color ever. Make sure to tag me in a pic on IG @remingtonavenue so I can share

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