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X detail Steel Front Door

French Country Modern

Let’s talk about my front door shall we?! You’ll know how much I love the look of steel windows and doors by now.  If you missed my post on how I got the look of steel windows for less, CLICK HERE.  Today I am sharing why I chose a steel door over a wood door, and all the fun design details including this fun X pattern.

x detail steel front door design
My family all decked out for the fourth of july. Just a few days away from move-in!

Fun stuff first…design details!  Originally all my widows and doors were arched.  I ended up squaring off all my windows for a more modern feel, but kept the eyebrow arch in my entrance and front door.  A front door can mimic the other design elements of your exterior or it can be a stand alone piece. I guess you could say I did both.  Did you notice the X detail in my windows? Obviously I carried that design detail to my front door but still created a stand out entrance by keeping the arched entrance.

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X detail Steel Front Door design
Landscaping in the works. More details coming soon.

Basically I sent this very crude drawing over to Josh at Visonmakers and he returned this very detailed spec sheet back.  That is the great thing about working with Visonmakers, whatever you can dream up, Josh will bring to life.

X detail Steel front door design

X detail Steel front door

X detail Steel Front Door design

Here is another door design I created for a client and the return spec sheet from Visionmakers.  I love working with other creators who are true experts in their craft.

X detail Steel front door


X detail Steel front door

One concern with having an iron and glass front door was privacy.  While I love a clean clear glass, the reality of my life being on display for every passerby was not appealing.  I mean everyone runs around in their underwear sometimes right? My solution was to go with an obscured glass that still allowed a ton of natural light in but gave me the privacy I was seeking. This particular style is called “etched glass”.  There are a million glass designs to choose from, but I loved the simplicity of this one.

X detail Steel Front Door design

If you choose to go with a steel front door, you can either go with a fixed handle that is manufactured with the door or you can have it milled for any hardware you like.  I selected this Emtek Entry set in a flat black finish to match the color of my door.  I didn’t want the hardware to detract from the overall front door design, so I matched the finish. I adore the beveled detail around the edge.

X detail Steel Front Door design

There is a fun little suprise on the inside though.  What do you think of the providence crystal knob?  It’s my favorite little detail.  You can purchase this entry set HERE.

X detail Steel Front Door design

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X detail Steel Front Door design

There are many reasons why I chose to go with a steel front door vs a wood front door.  Steel and iron exterior doors require significantly less maintenance to keep in pristine condition – metal isn’t susceptible to splintering or rot like wood. Cracking, bowing, or rust are extremely rare in steel doors. Example: My neighbor has the most beautiful black painted wood front door. I absolutely love the design.  Her home was build only 2 years ago and she already has a huge crack down the middle. I live in a climate that has all 4 seasons.  It is very hot and dry in the summer and very cold and wet in the winter.  There is no question that a steel door is a more suitable option in terms of durability for our Utah climate.

X detail Steel Front Door design

Iron doors are designed to lower the overall transfer of heat and cold into the house. Potentially lowering utility costs?? That’s a win!  Steel and Iron doors can be costly, but its a one time investment.  This is why they tend to increase a homes resale value.  They are extremely durable and won’t require the same maintenance as wood or the need to be replaced.

X detail Steel Front Door design

Steel doors are generally more cost effective in relation to fiberglass doors. While fiberglass can be more resistant to general wear and tear, steel doors will require less maintenance and can be an overall better option for safety and security. The safety of my family was obviously a huge consideration.

X detail Steel Front Door design
Notice the blue tape on my jeans. I spent the morning marking all the touch ups for the house lol.

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In the end I am so happy with my front door.   Would I recommend Visionmakers…YES! Would I recommend Steel over wood…YES! Will I be sharing more about all my interior doors…YES… pretty soon. Your definetly gonna wanna subscribe to my blog below for all the updates and reveals on my new home.  As always, thanks for stopping in and your comments are always appreciated.

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X detail Steel Front Door design- Steel vs Wood front doors



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  1. My new favorite house on Instagram!
    How did you get the X windows? Were they custom made? I see the vendor listed. Just trying to figure out if they were custom or available to order.

    1. Hi Tisha, Im so glad you like it. My window and doors were custom designed by me. I don’t think you can get an X detail in the transoms without going custom. Thanks for stopping in.

  2. i am so glad i found this … i am also building a custom home and love the steel windows and doors and i know they can be expensive … so thanks for sharing your lower cost finds … ill be watching

    while your house is modern french country – mine will be a modern yet rustic farmhouse (on a lake)

    i have notes / pictures and and plans … hoping to get on the builders schedule for next year. Thanks for sharing

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