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DIY Boy’s bedroom-wood accents


How many of you have children that you’d love to give a one of a kind room? When I set out to design and build out my sons room, that was my mission. I wanted to create something fun and unique that would last beyond his age of 7 years old.  Today I’ve partnered with Stikwood and Hunter Fan Company to bring you the progress of this DIY boy’s bedroom with warm wood accents.

We are on week 4 of the One Room Challenge, a 6 week program where tons of blogger set out to overhaul a designated space in that time frame.  Wow there are some awesome projects this year, so don’t forget to check out all the other guest participants HERE.

DIY boy's room with wood accents

If you are just catching up on what’s happened in my son’s room so far, checkout the links below and my updated To- Do list!

Week One: Blank Slate Boy’s room design board and before photos

Week two: DIY modern wall molding tutorial

Week three: DIY hanging bed tutorial and progress

Each week I will update my project list below.

  • Wall molding & paint
  • Install Stikwood over ceiling beams
  • Build his bed (I told you I had ambitious design plans)
  • Lighting with Hunter Fan Company
  • Large Furnishings & accessories (next week I’ll be sharing links for everything I promise).
  • Final Reveal

DIY Boy’s bedroom with wood accents

So what are these wood accents that I keep mentioning?  Let’s start with the ceiling fan. So many of you have asked me for the details on this fan, and I totally know why! It’s such a killer design! This Hunter Ceiling fan was actually my inspiration piece for the whole space.  I love the mix of industrial metal with the rustic wood blades.  Who knew a ceiling fan could inspire a whole room design, but it did! My son is a hot sleeper like me, so having the functionality of moving air AND great design was a win in my book.  This Mill Valley Hunter Fan actually comes in matte black, matte silver (like mine) and red.  Imagine all the fun places you could hang it…like outside on your back patio for example!

DIY Boy's bedroom with wood accents 4

My boy’s room is the only room in the whole house (so far) with a ceiling fan, so he thinks it’s pretty cool.  I’m not kidding I turn it on every night for him and If I forget, he wakes up early (insert grumpy face).  He has always been my early riser, but I think the ambient noise helps him sleep a bit longer. No complaints from mama on that one!

DIY Boy's bedroom with wood accents 4

My son’s bedroom actually has two soffits that hang lower then his ceiling- one above his new hanging bed, and the other across the room.  Naturally, I had to do something creative to really make his ceiling a feature.  Aside from painting his ceiling dark and popping an amazing fan up there, I decided to cover them with wood.

DIY Boy's bedroom with wood accents 4

I know what your thinking, it sounds like a lot of work…but it was actually WAY easier then it seems.  My boy’s soffits became these amazing wood accents just by coving them with Stikwood! It’s basically just as it sounds.  It’s thin wood planks with adhesive backing.  All ya gotta do is peel and stick! For real! I started at the bottom of the soffits and worked my way up to the ceiling.  Knowing that his ceiling wasn’t level (something I figured out when I applied all that glorious molding to his feature wall) I had to cut down the last row of planks one at a time and adjust them till they fit perfectly.

DIY Boy's room with wood accents

DIY Boy's room with wood accents

To hang all the stikwood in his room, I followed 3 simple steps:

  1. Peel
  2. Stick
  3. Roll- Using a J roller to ensure maximum adhesion.

DIY Boy's room with wood accents

DIY Boy's bedroom with wood accents

I selected the reclaimed rustic slate because I loved the overall silvery sheen.  It really compliments the silver metal in the Hunter Ceiling fan, the metal chains on his hanging bed, and some of the other metal accents that I’ll be sharing next week. I love bringing wood accents into every space.  It always adds the perfect amount of warmth and comfort.  I hope you have enjoyed following my DIY boy’s bedroom come to life.  Make sure to subscribe to my blog below to see how his room turns out. Thanks so much to my sponsors Hunter Fan Company and Stikwood for helping make my son’s bedroom dreams come true.


diy boys bedroom with wood accents - stikwood accent

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  1. Great job, Mysha! I love everything about this room so far. I can’t wait to see the final results…should look amazing! : )

  2. Okay absolutly LOVE!
    If my boy had beams in his room I would jump right on it.
    Hope you’ll share where the console table and the trunk came from down the road!
    Compliments everything so good.
    Love watching your work Mysha.

    1. Thanks Brittany! I will be sharing all the furniture pieces next week on the blog with links! Stikwood would also look great just applied to a wall to add interest just FYI!

  3. Have you considered beddy’s for the bed? It will save your knuckles and will be perfect for this suspended frame! My daughter has one and she loves it and makes her bed everyday, so I’m a happy mama. http://www.beddys.com and No this is not a paid comment is just that I think you have the perfect situation for one.

    1. My daughter has a beddy’s on her bed and loves it. I actually looked to see if they had a style I liked, but couldn’t find one that I loved for his room. I do love the product though!

  4. I’ve alwats wanted to try Stikwood. Got samples a few years ago but was nervous to commit. How did you decide/figure out what sizes to use? Did you create a pattern or just chose at random? Thanks! Also, do they ruin the drywall when you need to remove them?

    1. Hi Amanda, the Stikwood comes in standard staggered lengths. I just seperated them not sizing so the install would be easer. You want to make sure to break up the lengths so you dont end up with all long planks on one side and all short on the other (if that makes sense).

      As far as drywall damage, I’m not sure. I did remove a couple after not sticking them on strait and there was no damage. They were hard to remove though lol.

    1. Hi Ashley, Ill be sharing the paint colors and sources on Thursdays blog post! Make sure to check back in.

  5. Looks great! Can’t wait for the reveal! Is your son’s ceiling textured? I LOVE the painted textured ceiling. Do you have any other textured ceilings in your home? I’m currently trying to figure out what to do with a textured ceiling for an open floorplan so thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Ashley, Actually all my ceilings are textured thought my entire home except the kitchen with is tongue and groove

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