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Indoor Trampoline Room Details

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I am finally breaking down all of our Indoor Trampoline Room Details with our most frequently asked questions of this space!

Something you might NOT know is that I designed every square inch of this home we live in (with the help of an architect anyway).

One thing that was really important to both Chris and I was creating a fun space that the kids would love and that required physical activity. In our area, it in not uncommon for people to build full basketball courts in their basements or even foam pits with rope swings. 

Originally we thought a foam pit would be the best, but after thinking through the cleaning process (or lack thereof) we quickly decided against it. We had an outdoor trampoline at our last home which my kids used all summer. But the rest of the year, the weather didn’t permit it. Light bulb – bring the trampoline inside! Now that is fun and unique!

So where is this indoor trampoline room located in my home and what are the logistics? Our home has a full basement, but we dug an extra 10ft lower in one of the corners of our basement to make this possible. In fact, a slide extends from our basement to the trampoline room with a drop of 6 ft.

Everything went through permitting with our plans, and YES this room is ONE OF A KIND – a Mysha original

The ceiling height of my trampoline room is 13ft from the trampoline to the top or 17ft from basement floor to ceiling. We have allowed for a 4ft clearance from the basement floor to the trampoline. Has anyone ever bottomed out? NO. Has anyone ever touched the ceiling? YES, a couple 20 somethings with considerable effort! 

The trampoline brand is MaxAir and measures 12ft x 14ft from cushion to cushion (including springs). It is actually an acrobatic trampoline, just like you’d find in an actual gymnast studio. It’s very bouncy! The room was designed with this specific trampoline in mind, so the measurements of the entire space are just a touch over the trampoline dimensions. Click Here to check out MaxAir Trampolines.

The walls are padded with school grade matts, just like you’d find in a high school. They are secure to the walls to provide cushion and to allow for Parkour activity. So far the most serious injury we have had is a sprained ankle. And let me tell you, this is the most used room in the home (aside from the kitchen). 

So was the trampoline room worth the cost? Emphatically YES!

It was within our budget to create this space and like I said, it gets used every day. When my kids argue, I tell them go jump. When they say they are bored, I say go jump. When they have friends or cousins over, we don’t see them for hours lol! Best design choice we made! If we build again, you better believe there will be another trampoline room in some form or fashion. Young kids to young adults love this trampoline room, and even I have been known to make an appearance or two haha. When we were under construction, my builder mentioned a lot of extra space that was going to be walled off above the trampoline room.

My husband was a genius when he said, “let’s make some crawl spaces!”. The kids LOVE them.

So the ladder leads to a little hideout that looks over the trampoline room. There are two cut out windows secured with actual glass. The windows have two holes cut out so they can talk from above to the jumpers below. It’s all carpeted and the kids love to play up there. 

How do I clean the trampoline room? I clean it just like any other room in my home. Wipe down mats with disinfectant, clean upper windows (although you can see those have been a bit neglected haha) and the trampoline actually is removable. We can disconnect the springs and clean out underneath (which we do about twice a year). You would not believe all the socks that accumulate under there lol!
Right now the walls are all white, but I have plans to make this space even more vibrant and fun! Just wait! If you would like to see a video tour of the trampoline room, you can check it out on my saved Instagram highlight titled Trampoline Room.

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  1. Mysha you are one of the most creative people I wish I actually knew in real life! What a kid (and adult!) magnet! I don’t remember ever seeing this before in your home and you have once again wowed me and many others with your ability to think not only out of the box, but also to carry through and finish such a great design! Kudos!

  2. You’re so creative and inspirational. Wish I could have you come and remake my house!

  3. Amazing!! Literally…your home is a dream..and everytime I think you can’t possibly make it any more elegant, creative, fun, and functional..you do!! So neat! Love it all!

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