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Coastal Guest Bedroom DIY

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Getting ready for the upcoming holiday season, I pulled together this Coastal Guest Bedroom DIY! Many of you probably remember when I did the hand painted ombre wall in the guest bedroom. And I still absolutely love it! [ Here’s a link for the tutorial for that ].

I am intentionally finishing this all up before holiday madness when we have visitors and things get a little crazy. It’s one less thing for me to think about on top of meals and activities when the time comes to celebrate!

It doesn’t take a ton to refresh a room! I like to shop my own spaces and just add in a few new touches here and there…but what can really transform a space that needs an update is an out of the box, DIY.

Before when you walked into the the space, with the exception of the custom ombre wall, it just felt a little unfinished. When you looked around the room, it needed something. So I decided to do a variation of a board and batten – which is so fun and unique.

I started with some vertical battens. I decided to do them 2 feet apart instead of measuring every two feet. I just made a spacer to mark where my vertical battens would go. Below I am sharing all the details on my Coastal Guest Bedroom DIY!

Depending on the style of baseboards in your house, you might have an overhang where the vertical batten meet the decorative baseboard. There are a few different options here.

  1. You can leave it be with the overhang, which many people do.
  2. You can miter the bottom to an angle, so it doesn’t actually have such an exaggerated overhang.
  3. Or you can install another piece of trim that flows into the baseboard. And then that gives it a large area for the batten to dissolve into.
  4. Remove and replace the baseboard completely.

Normally I’d go with option 3, but the trim I had was just a little bit big and the one I wanted was completely out of stock. So I went with B, the mitered angle finish.

I mitered all the bottoms and then measured to 6 feet, that’s how long I want my battens. my ceilings are 9 ft, so the 6 ft battens were the perfect size to get that nice 2/3rds ration on the wall. I cut one and then used that as a template to cut the rest. It’s really just creating a pattern you like and that works.

Time to install! Find and mark the studs!

For some reason I couldn’t get my laser level balanced, so I went back to the old fashioned way of drawing a line with a regular level. Just call me old school!

I installed one piece of vertical batten to balance the top trim piece on and nailed it into the studs. My horizontal trim piece wasn’t quite long enough to stretch the full length of the wall, so I created a mitered seam! I also added a decorative chair rail trim piece to top off my board and batten rather than a traditional flat 1×3.

I used a coping method, with a coping saw to wrap the chair rail piece all around the room. For more instructions on that, click HERE.

You do an open face miter cut, then coping saw for the rest. So, once I mitered the end. I secured the piece to a stable surface and used my coping saw to follow along the grooves of the trim. It wasn’t perfect, but once I add some caulk and paint, it won’t even be noticeable. Caulk is most certainly your friend – it hides a multitude of sins!

Then I went around the rest of the room and installed the top trim. Once the top trim was installed all the way around the room, I started installing the battens. When you can’t nail into a stud, nail at angles for maximum adhesion.

Also notice the oversized upholstery tacks? I thought they added just the right amount metal to this coastal look. Don’t be afraid to add unique touches to your designs.

I tried something I’ve never done before, which is crown molding! I felt like this Coastal Guest Bedroom DIY needed some extra detail!

Crown molding can be tricky because walls and ceilings are never perfectly level, so I got a cheater tool to help me. Caulk will fix the gaps, but you have to get things lined up right first. I used my tool to get the degree of each corner separately. For example the first corner I measured was just under 90 degrees. Then I divided that by two and each cut needed to be 44 degrees instead on 45. That’s where the little cheat sheet on my crown tool comes in handy, to make sure I cut correctly. Then I started going around the room and installing.

The rattan bed frame was coming across a little too yellow for me, especially because of the complementary color of blue on the wall. So I picked up some white wash pickling stain.

I did a test area on the back of the bed frame to see if I liked it and I did! So I went ahead and did the whole bed!

This white paint I used for the board and batten is one I love and have used often! It’s ‘Simply White’ by Benjamin Moore in eggshell finish.

And then the blue paint color is the same color as the top of the ombre wall – ‘French Colony’ by Behr in eggshell finish. After I painted, I added an oversized 1″ nail head treatment added for a unique, custom design touch.

Once the painting was done, it was time to accessorize.

The best part, am I right? I added drapes because they always bring the drama, softness, and depth to every design. I chose pinstripe woven denim blackout drapes from Uptown Drapes. Use code MYSHA5 for 5% off your custom drapes! They ship nationwide.

You might notice I featured two different bedding varieties. I’m sharing high and a low options, but both achieve the same look! There is always a way to get the look your after on a budget!

Pulling in some coziness for this Coastal Guest Bedroom DIY, this jersey comforter is doubled sided and so soft. Once I made the bed, I loved it even more. The quality is great and it looks so good!

I love to decorate with a high / low design – not everything has to break the bank! It gives your space a comfortable feel but still allows for beauty to shine. If everything is too stodgy and high priced, your guests can’t get comfortable. Decorating with that mix allows you to invest in the longevity of pieces and then not break the bank for the things that are more of trend piece!

The investment of the bed, is worth it because it will last through many uses, but I saved on a sturdy, well priced nightstand that I could switch out from time to time. You can shop all my fave high / low pieces for this space below!

Link to this pretty handwoven rug is HERE.

The bathroom details for this room are linked here.

A fun little decorative idea on how to hang a picture is that you can always add a little yarn or string or picture frame for added design interest. I styled the nightstands a little, but I always keep the nightstands pretty clean so guests have plenty of room. I did add my CLEAN fragrance device, which is nontoxic, paraben free, and no mess. And then in the drawers I keep linen spray and extra toiletries in case they forgot anything.

Having soft bedding and little toiletry touches in the nightstand, really help make your guests feel welcome. Links to the high/low versions of cozy, coastal bedding below!

I am ready to take on allllll the visitors in the coming months…who’s coming to stay in our guest bedroom?

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