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Bedding: Texture, Pattern, Comfort

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How do you create the perfect bedding combination? It’s all about layers of bedding: texture, pattern, comfort, and color. Today, I’m sharing my favorite bedding formula that will transition through every season. 

Now that my girls are sharing a room, I thought it was the perfect time to refresh their bedding and invest in some pieces that will last a lifetime. I have partnered with The Company Store to create this girly yet sophisticated look. The good news is The Company Store is holding a Friends & Family Sale with 20% SITE WIDE. Use the Code: and Build your Perfect Bed.

bedding layers- pattern, texture, comfort, and color

bedding- texture, pattern, comfort

Girls Bedding Layers

There are four bedding layers that combine to make up the perfect bed. In my opinion, the perfect bed is made with soft sheets, a textured blanket, a down comforter, and a duvet. Now here is how I like to play with texture, color, and pattern to create visual interest.

bedding-pattern, texture, comfort

Soft Sheets with a Pattern 

Especially in kids’ rooms, I love to bring in a bold pattern for the sheets. I chose these cotton percale black and white polka dot sheets. Polka dots are both timeless and playful, making them a great pattern for both young kids and teens. These 100% cotton sheets come in pink and lavender as well. 

Textured Blanket

Every bed needs a good textured blanket. Not only does it add a great layer to the design, but it adds warmth in the winter and provides a lighter option in the summer. I usually opt for a solid colored blanked with a nice woven texture for this layer. This Organic Cotton Blanket comes in many colors. I selected the Rose Quartz to match the theme of the bedroom. 

Fluffy Comforter

TheLaCrosse RDS Certified Down Duvet Insert is an absolute MUST in my book. I truly prefer DOWN, but there are some great synthetic options as well. A quality comforter is a bedding staple that will last forever. It adds so much luxury and comfort to every bed. For year-round use, the medium warmth is the best! If it gets too warm in the summer, just peel back that layer and keep it styled at the foot of the bed.  One of the features I love about THESE comforters is the corner loops. Each corner has a loop that attaches to the inside corners of the duvet covers making it so that the comforter stays in place nicely within the duvet cover. 

Quality Duvet Cover

I go back and forth between solid colors and patterned duvets depending on how much design impact I want to make in the space. For my girls’ room, I selected a pattern that also has a ton of texture. Since the wallpaper in their bedroom has so much pattern and color movement, something more subtle was needed. I went back and forth the between the Daycroft Geo Duvet and the Odin Cotton Matelasse Duvet. In the end the neutral cotton was a better fit than the sateen color splash here. 

Here is the before and after of my girls beds. The sum of the bedding story here is this. Bedding: pattern, texture, color, and comfort. Choose one layer with a bold pattern, one solid with great texture, and the last layer can be a pattern or solid. Just make sure that the second pattern isn’t as strong as the first. You don’t want them fighting for attention. 

CLICK HERE for a full tour of the girls shared room along with a detailed source list. 

Bedding-pattern, texture, comfort

A fun bedding surprise!

My girls had no idea I was getting them all new bedding. I wanted to surprise them and make it extra special. As exciting as new bed linens are to me, I knew my girls would be even more excited if I presented them in a fun and out-of-the-ordinary way! Of course, that meant that one set of bedding would be made into an epic blanket fort, while the other was made and presented. I used every bedding layer to create this fort with the comforter as the base and the blanket, sheet, and duvet as the canopy. I even strung some twinkle lights. One thing my girls absolutely love is when they get to match their “mommy”. I selected these cute penguin purple jammies for Remi, Lou, and myself. I get our matching family pajamas here every holiday season too. 

bedding- pattern, texture, comfort fort

bedding- pattern, texture, comfort fort

I was right, the girls loved the new bedding, but were EXTREAMELY EXCITED about the matching jammies and blanket fort constructed in their room. You can find us reading books, snuggling stuffed animals, and watching movies here for the next few days! 

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  1. The bedding is so pretty. You are fun mom for building a fort for your kiddos to play in. Miss those days.

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