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Shared Girls Bedroom with Floral Wallpaper

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Ever since Lou was born, I’ve dreamed of creating a shared girls bedroom for little gals. I just picture lots of girly giggling and doll playing going on in a shared bedroom. My girls are about two and a half years a part so it seems like the perfect age gap to have them share a room. Currently, Remi and Lou have their own rooms but now that I’ve finished the space it’s time to consolidate.  This will free up an extra bedroom upstairs for someone else…and NO that’s not an announcement!

The only concern I have is bedtime. If you’ve done a shared room I’d love to hear your tips on how you conquered bedtime!

Shared girls bedroom with floral wallpaper

Shared girls bedroom with floral wallpaper

For those of you who are new here, we designed and built this home from the ground up. It was completed back in Aug, 2018…completed meaning I strategically left a lot of rooms unfinished so I could complete them myself.  We had the floral wallpaper on the ceiling and and barn door installed upon completion.  The rest has been a process.

Shared girls bedroom with floral wallpaper

Today, I am so excited to announce that I have partnered with At Home Stores to not only complete my girls shared bedroom, but to find that One piece that really brings the space together.  Honestly, I found everything I needed to complete the bedroom install in one trip!

Shared girls bedroom with floral wallpaper

Shared Girls Bedroom with Floral Wallpaper Reveal

Stepping back real quick, this is what the bedroom looked like before.  I had the basics in place (ie. beds and dressers).  The beds were thrifted and I painted them Abalone Shell by SW and the dresser and nightstand are part of set that was given to us by my in laws.  It was their very first bedroom set they purchased as a married couple.  I always love to incorporate some pieces with family history.

Shared girls bedroom with floral wallpaper

Beyond that, I was able to fill in all the special pieces needed to bring this shared girls bedroom to life with AtHome. My girls bedroom is fairly large.  I was on a mission to find a nice sized rug to ground and unify the space.  I knew this would be the key piece that would bring the space together.  It was love at first site.  The rug is so soft and the two-toned geometric pattern is just enough to balance the floral wallpaper on the ceiling without being too overwhelming.  I SCORED THE PERFECT 8X10′ RUG FOR $299! Winning!

Shared girls bedroom with floral wallpaper
Before rug
Shared girls bedroom with floral wallpaper
After rug

I went with and overall color scheme of mauve, white/cream, and black… pulling colors from the floral wallpaper.  I brought in a couple super soft mauve throw pillows and layered a lavender and white patterned pillow over that.  Even though lavender is not part of the overall color scheme, the undertones of the purple still play well with the muted tones throughout the room. I also fell in love with these cute textured throw blankets  and placed them at the foot of each bed.  Each girls bed is made the exact same way achieving symmetry and and balance…The stuffed animals and monogrammed letters being the only items differentiating the designated beds.

Shared girls bedroom with floral wallpaper

Shared girls bedroom with floral wallpaper

Shared girls bedroom with floral wallpaper

I created a small gallery above the dresser with a combination of quotes and art that speak to the girls interests and life philosophies that I hope to ingrain in their little heads.  If you followed the design process of my sons room, you would know that I love to create a space for my kids to display photos and art of their own creation. Click HERE to see his bedroom complete. This oversized bulletin board equip with gold clips was the perfect addition.

Shared girls bedroom with floral wallpaper

Shared girls bedroom with floral wallpaper

Shared girls bedroom with floral wallpaper

The last corner of the girls bedroom that needed a little love was the window seat.  AtHome had so many decorative storage options of all shapes and sizes.  I found four of these natural woven baskets with the arched handle.  The perfect solution for all the girls books housed just below their designated reading station.  What girl wouldn’t want a window seat?  I know I always did! (More to come on this bench seat…not quite finished here.)

Shared girls bedroom with floral wallpaper

Shared girls bedroom with floral wallpaper

Shared girls bedroom with floral wallpaper

Shared girls bedroom with floral wallpaper

A little dress up station completed the cute little corner. A wooden clothing rack, a mirror, and a pouf were the only items needed to create countless little memories full of girly giggles and make believe moments. I hope you enjoyed seeing my shared girls room come to life. If you have any tips for mastering bedtime with two gals in a room please let me know in the comments section below. All room sources are linked and listed below.

sources and room details

All decorative accessories: rug, lamp, wall art, clothing rack, pouf, storage bins, bed pillows, throw blanket, succulents, jewelry boxes, and bulletin board found at At Home Stores.

Wallpaper: Anewall

Lantern Light: Lighting Design from Mitzi collection

Beds: thrifted and Painted Abalone Shell by Sherwin Williams

CLICK HERE for all other room sources.

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  1. So pretty! Talk to me about the door – I think that is such an important piece to this room; I don’t imagine you have pink on the opposite/hallway side, so where did you start and end with the colors?

  2. Its amazing! Love everything… and I think its really good for them to share room… They will become good friends! My favorite is the cieling… omg wow! That wallpaper makes me smile!

    1. I always shared a room with my sister and we are best friends. I want that same relationship for them!

  3. Love when girls room! Beautiful job as always. Do you happen to know the paint color of the barn door? Love that pink!

  4. My sister & I shared a room until I went to college. We are exactly 2 years & 2 weeks apart in age. We loved for the most part. We made up games, songs, learned how to each ask for different things so we had a larger wardrobe/shoe collection, we fought, we learned how to make up on our own, & we are still best friends.

    So the question you asked BEDTIME:
    My mom would put us all to bed at the same time. We were told to go get ready for bed. She then read a story in bed with us. Then tuck each of us in our own beds. I have been a night owl since birth so of course I would cry because I wasn’t sleepy. She remedied this be simply telling me I didn’t have to go to sleep, but I did have to stay in bed. I could read, color, anything quiet with a nightlight. We would of course get up & try to be quiet & this is the time we made up games. My mom would come in one time to put us back in bed, threateningly to separate us & we stayed in bed trying to figure out how to play from our beds until my sister fell asleep. I found out as an adult she would sit outside our room listening to us make up games & giggle. She says it is something she loves to this day is listening to us stay up late talking & trying to giggle softly so not to wake her. We always wondered why as adults our soft giggles would instantly bring her down to the living room, but she could sleep through our loud laughing.

    My mom had discussions with us about sharing/ personal items (even if you know your sister is going to say yes it is still polite to ask), it is okay to say no & not feel guilty if we didn’t want to play together or whatever, sometimes needing personal time, & other life lessons from as early as I can remember.

    Well, thank you for allowing me to reminisce & I hope this helps.

    1. It’s so helpful. I have so many great memories sharing a room with my sister that I want that same experience for my daughters! Thanks for sharing

  5. I love how you balanced the right amount of color with texture across the room. So so so pretty.

  6. What paint finishes for walls, trim, and cabinetry do you recommend for family friendly houses.?

  7. My two younger boys are also two and a half years apart and have ALWAYS shared a bedroom. My youngest is in current state of shock because my other son went on a trip with his grandmother and absolutely cannot sleep alone in the room. I’ve had to lay with him all this week until he falls asleep and then I sneak out. Lol! I told him that he and brother are not always going to share a room what is he going to do? He says he will burrow himself like his gerbils under his blankets and do this until he’s 30, wait no, 40 when he gets a wife and has to sleep with her! ???

  8. I love everything about this…. so so beautiful for little girls! I know you recently posted about the birth stats/template above the bed but I missed it on instagram and couldn’t find here, am I missing it again? Would love the source.

  9. Love everything about this… so so beautiful and feminine for little girls! I know you posted about the birth stats templates on an instagram story but I missed it and don’t see the source here. Am I missing it again? I would love one for my little girl’s room.

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