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DIY Ombre Ocean Wall

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Are you looking to create an accent wall that is soothing yet bold? How about a DIY ombre ocean wall? This abstract mural was created using 4 paint colors and long brush strokes- full tutorial below! 

diy ombre ocean accent wall with brush strokes

Ombre Ocean Abstract wall supplies

*I partnered with The Home Depot to create this one of a kind accent wall & tutorial. As always all options are my own. Thank you for your continual support!

All supplies linked below! 

How to create an Ombre Ocean wall

I completed this entire mural in a total of 3 hours (including videos and photography time).  You will want to work somewhat quickly as latex paint dries pretty fast. I found that a little water went a long way as a blending agent. You can also use a product called Floetrol to extend drying time. Just add a bit to your paint.

I used one paint bucket but alternated colors in each liner. This made it easy to switch back and forth from colors for blending. Turn up your favorite Jams and go to work! 

Choose your colors – I listed the 4 colors I selected to create this abstract ombre ocean look, but you can create your own ombre look with any gradient color scheme. I found it really easy to select coordinating paints at The Home Depot. Each color starts with the darkest (base) shade at the bottom of display and works up vertically to the lightest. Basically the lighter the shade, the more white is added. I selected the Behr Marquee interior paint in eggshell. 

color selections for ombre ocean accent wall

gradient color scheme in blue for ombre wall

Prep– Prep is key to any good paint job! Tape off the baseboard and side walls using Frogtape or Painters Tape. Frogtape is my favorite- I’ve never been disappionted in the crisp lines. Check out my painted front porch rug for Proof! CLICK HERE

Lay out a quality drop cloth and tuck under the overhanging baseboard tape. This will ensure no paint drips on your baseboard or floor. Remove any electrical plates from wall and cover the outlet with Frogtape too. 

How to prep for painting ombre wall

Let’s Get Painting – You can create this look with any gradient color scheme by starting with the darkest on bottom and working to the lightest shade on top. For this specific look, I started with Behr Ink Black. Using my 3″ angled paint bush I applied the paint with large strokes creating a “V” or “X” patterns. I stoped the darkest color about 1/4 the way up the wall. Tip: Do not stop brush stokes all at the same height or level- this will create more of a stripe look. 

diy ombre ocean accent wall tutorial

Use the same technique to apply the second color- Behr Midnight Blue. Work this color up from 1/4 way up the wall to the half way point.  Blend the 2 colors as much as possible when starting the second color. If you need to go back and blend more, add water to the darker first color and go back over the area where the 2 colors meet. Blend these two colors to liking before moving on to the 3rd color shade. 


blending colors on ombre wall

Add the 3rd color to the wall using the same “V” or “X” strokes and blending as you go. Behr NYPD is the third shade and should be applied to the wall about 3/4 the way up. each color should take up about 1/4 of the wall space. The hugest and last shade consumed just a tad more space than the rest (on my wall). 

blending technique for abstract ombre ocean wall

Before blending the 4th and final shade: French Colony, use a clean angled brush to cut in the ceiling line and blend down a bit. Then use the other brush (same brush you’ve used throughout the process to blend the 3rd and 4th colors. You may have to trade off brushes to get the final look you want.

blue diy ombre accent wall


I also saved this whole painting process along with tips and tricks over on my Instagram page @remigtonavneue. You may find it useful to check out those videos too. Its saved on my story highlights under Ombre Wall.

diy ombre ocean accent wall tutorial

Cleanup – I love the paint bucket liners because they are disposable. Clean your paint brush using a wire brush. this keeps them in tip top shape. Remove the frog tape from the side walls and baseboard. Be sure to pull the tape away at an angle to prevent peeling. 

STAND BACK AND ADMIRE YOUR WORK!! YOU completed your own DIY Ombre ocean wall!

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diy abstract ocean ombre wall tutorial

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