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Chic Valentines day decor

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I am not big on cutsie decor and sparkly hearts, but I do love red and pink! Today, I am sharing my idea of chic valentines day decor and how to get your living room ready for the month of love. 

Integrating shades of red and pink, and dare I say black, can really present a great pallet for February and transition right over to spring. 

Chic valentines day decor- living room ideas

Chic decor idea #1

Trade out your pillows for velvety soft textures, leopard prints, and bold black and white patterns. Check your pillow pile to see what you have that may work and then fill in the blanks. Here is the mix I came up with! I also love including a faux fur (still feb) and a bold patterned throw! This black and ivory chenille throw is one of my all time favs!

chic valentines day decor

chic valentines decor pillows

chic valentines pink and red pillows


Chic Valentines decor idea #2

Fill apothecary jars, vases, tiered trays, and pedestals with valentines candy or vase fillers. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- glass apothecary jars are a staple in my home. I use them year round and fill with seasonal items. Here are some of my fav jars and valentine fillers. 

chic valentines day decor

chic valentines decor ideas

valentines jars filled with candy

Chic decor idea #3

Bring in the flowers! Real or faux, they are all good.  I personally love to mix real and faux together in one arrangement. Here is the pink arrangement I came up with this year using fresh lilies and faux hydrangeas.

chic valentines day decor

valentines day lily arrangement using real and faux flowers

chic valenes day decor with textured hearts

Chic Valentines decor idea #4

Make your mantel the focal of the room by giving it some extra love. I got a little creative this year and left my branch mounted above my mirror. I hung it there for Christmas and decided I could get a couple more months use out of it. 

chic and whimsical valentines day mantel

whimsical and chic valentines day mantel

chic valentines day decor

chic valentines mantel ideas

Here is how to recreate this Chic Valentines mantel 

Find a branch that will fit on your mantel from outside and mount using fishing line and screws. The fishing line wraps all the way around my chimney to the adjacent walls. That is where it is secured with a screw.

Using jute or hemp string, hang your assorted heart shaped ornaments from the branch. Loosly tie them at first till you figure out he staggered heights you like- then secure with a knot.

I thought the mantel needs just a hint of pink, so I added these magnolia branches very last.

Leaning on my mantel is an abstract canvas by Christie Adelle. You could also use this XoXo print too.  Layer it over a large gold framed mirror and add the heart shaped wreath by hanging it from the back of the canvas. Pop on some assorted candlesticks and your done. 

I hope this has inspired you to get creative and pull out your red and pink decor. January and February are more fun with a bit of chic valentines day decor. 

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  1. I love the holiday decor without it looking cheesy. Such wonderful ideas. I am excited to do something fun with my mantel.

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