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LVP Herringbone Floors & Basement Reveal

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I partnered with Lumber Liquidators on this project. Although I was not compensated,  the product was provided at no cost. The labor and installation costs were paid for by me.  This post also contains some affiliate links.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Take a tour through our new basement and then tell me that floor patterns don’t make a difference!? Today I’m sharing the first peak into our basement and spilling all the details on our new herringbone LVP- Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring.

LVP Herringbone Floors & Basement Reveal

I’m not even kidding when I say that everyone who has set foot in our new home has asked…What is this flooring? It’s fantastic! I have to say that I agree. I knew that I wanted our basement to have its own funky vibe while still maintaining a stylish and comfortable atmosphere for our family.  This space was to be a multifunctional space.  It houses a full kitchen (both of us have parents that will likely be live-ins at some point), a kids play zone- where they can run, play, and craft to their hearts content (without mom freaking about about the house getting wrecked), and our main family movie/popcorn spot.

LVP Herringbone Floors & Basement Revea

Keeping all that in mind, I knew I needed a super durable flooring option- LVP takes the cake. LVP is luxury vinyl flooring that looks like wood planks in everything from color to species. Surface textures often include the look of scraping or embossing, which dramatically heighten the realism.  It’s also waterproof…which is an amazing flooring feature for anywhere in the home, LET ALONE A BASEMENT that is more susceptible to flooding.

Also like wood, LVP planks may be installed in sophisticated patterns—brick lay, diagonally, parquet pattern, chevron, or herringbone. The result is STUNNING.  I chose to go with a herringbone pattern because it’s my fav floor pattern of all time. I used it in my entry way too if you recall?!  Click here to see my slate herringbone inlay.

LVP Herringbone Floors & Basement Reveal

So here’s the skinny on LVP.  Lumber Liquidators has dozens of style options from light to dark, rustic to modern. Ultimately I decided on the Tranquility 3mm Malted Oak LVP  because I LOVE the warmth and texture of this product and the forgiving color variation.

LVP Herringbone Floors & Basement Revea

If you are going to do a pattern, you must go with a strait edge LVP that comes in all the same width and length.  The Malted Oak comes in a 48″ plank and is VERY budget friendly ranging between $1.50-$2.00 per square foot.  If you take on this project yourself, the only other expense to consider is the cost of the glue.  For best results, this product must be glued down.

If you hire out the installation (like me) be prepared to pay a little more for any pattern work.  I think it’s safe to estimate anywhere between $.75 to $1.00 per square foot for a flooring pattern like herringbone.  It really is much more difficult to install than your average straight lay pattern but makes all the difference.

I love the way this rustic “oak” flooring contrasts with the more modern details.  Remember I named this home the #Frenchcountrymodern for a reason.  There are many elements throughout the rest of the home that are traditional french country, but the basement definitely leans toward the modern side.  All the cabinets are painted Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore and the open shelving is made from natural white oak with a clear stain.  This white oak is scattered all throughout my home.  Click here to see how I used it in my Mudroom.

LVP Herringbone Floors & Basement Reveal

The brass kitchen pendants are a favorite of mine.  They are called Somerset by Hinkley Lighting.  Click Here to get your own through Lighting Design.  Did you noticed all the little pieces of blue tape? They are acting as my temporary cabinet pulls.  Sometimes indecision gets the best of me!  I am still on the hunt for the perfect cabinet hardware.  If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them in the comment section below.

LVP Herringbone Floors & Basement Reveal

My basement kitchen counter tops are covered in Quartz.  This is called the Nouveau Calacatta from Arizona Tile.  The dramatic gray veining makes a bold statement don’t you think?  I mirrored that same look on the family room side and used this Calacatta quartz as the fireplace surround.  Using a solid surface in this application definitely adds to the modern ascetic.

LVP Herringbone Floors & Basement Revea

LVP Herringbone Floors & Basement Reveal

My media cabinets are accented with metal mesh fronts-the perfect solution for maintaining a clutter free basement. You can find metal mesh in all kinds of different designs and gages.  Metal mesh even comes in different metal finishes as well.  I just ordered regular ol’ mesh and spray painted it brass to match the rest of the warm brass accents.  Sometimes a can of spray paint is really all you need to elevate your design.

LVP Herringbone Floors & Basement Revea

Now my barn door hardware was one thing I was certain on!  It is really difficult to find barn door hardware that doesn’t look rustic.  When I found this beautiful modern brass set, I knew it was the winner!  Click Here to get your Modern Spoke brass hardware from Artisan Hardware.  I just love the combination of the warm brass with the gray X detail on the door.

LVP Herringbone Floors & Basement Revea

LVP herringbone floors & basement reveal

LVP Herringbone Floors & Basement Revea

So here is the take away on my herringbone LVP floors…

I would def recommend this product.  I love the design, durability, color & the functionality it provides.  My kids can basically ride laps with their scooters on this LVP and my floors will still look amazing.  Lumber Liquidators even provides a 30 year warranty on all their LVP to back it up.  I would definitely consider using this flooring in a main kitchen and living room too.  It’s already budget friendly, waterproof, & durable, but combined with a killer pattern, your floors will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Basement Furnishings and Sources

Click HERE for sectional sofa


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  1. We are also planning on LVP for our basement, and I LOVE herringbone! Your basement looks fantastic. ?

  2. You are amazing!!! Your house is beautiful and I love this floor! Come back to AZ so I can hire you for my master bath remodel!!! Miss you!!

    1. Hi Brooke, I miss you too. Thanks for the encouragement. At least I can provide inspiration from afar. Thanks for stopping in.

  3. Gorgeous with a capital -G-!!!
    Love the floors and the beautiful barn door and hardware!!!! Also spray painting the mesh panels?! You are amazing… such inspiration from you!

    1. Hi, I designed it and my finish carpenter made it. Artisan hardware also makes and sells barn doors in addionton to hardware though. I linked them on this post.

  4. So lovely ? I also have the same countertops from AZ tile . I just checked in with them because the tops have acquired “new veining “ and it appears that they discontinued it :/ did you just purchase them? I was hoping to get another slab.

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