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Entryway Design Plans & Console Table Round Up

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We’ve all been there at one time or another with a space devoid of character and function?  A well designed entryway is one of the first and last spaces to leave a lasting impression on our guests and loved ones.  It is where we say goodbye and hello and welcome others into our home. This is precisely why I’m re thinking my current entryway design (or lack thereof).  Keep scrolling for my entryway design plans and a console table round up.

bright and airy entryway design with high style and function


Unfortunately my entryway has been more of a dumping ground of decor leftovers then an inviting space packed with personality and function.  It’s a bit dark and lacks any real architectural interest.  I have a solution for that!  I’ll be teaming up with The Home Depot to create an Entry way that I’m proud to share.  First on the list is some wall molding.  Don’t you just love the shiplap wall in the photo below?  It’s bright, airy, and beautiful!

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entry way design with shiplap molding
Design by Meredith M Rodday

Shiplap Entryway Design

Have you heard of Shiplap?  If you’ve ever seen the show Fixer Upper then you know exactly what I’m referring too.  Basically it’s wood board cladding usually hung in a horizontal pattern on a wall.  I love shiplap, but what I love more then shiplap is “easy to hang shiplap”!  I’ll be hanging THESE 8ft PRIMED SHIPLAP BOARDS about 5 ft up my entry way wall.  I plan to finish the shiplap design with some crown molding that blends into a shelf.  This will give the wall some dimension while creating an easy gallery space to display family photos and seasonal decor.  I’ll be painting all the new shiplap Whisper White by Behr to match the existing molding and baseboards in my home.  Can you picture it?  I attached some arrows so you can visualize where the shiplap molding will transition into a shelf.  See I told you it was a dark dumping ground!  Click here to see how my entry way looked last fall.  It was actually style nicely.  It’s gonna be drastically different this fall season!

Entryway before adding shiplap molding

Get the Indigo Chest (similar)

I need to brainstorm some creative ways to add storage for shoes and coats for the seasonal change ahead.  It’s always nice to have a place to hang your extra layers and hide the ever growing collection of shoes that somehow always get left by the door.  Perhaps some hooks and natural storage bins will do the trick?!  I’m loving the storage inspiration contained in this entry way.

entryway design with hooks
Design by Lacey Chaus Interiors

I currently have a chair from my last dining set stationed in my entry.  I would really like to sell that chair and find a replacement with an upholstered cushion… A chair that’s a bit more comfortable for my guests to sit down and take off their shoes.  This may not be in the budget, but perhaps I can rethink my current chair and make it into something I love.  You know I’m not afraid of a little DIY magic!

Last but not least on the list is a new console table.  While I love this blue mirrored chest, I’ve been dreaming of a table that doesn’t take up so much visual space. (If you’ve been following My Instagram Account, you know the blue mirrored chest got relocated behind the sofa).  After scouring the internet for the perfect console table, I finally settled on this one.  Click HERE for the link to my new entry way console table.  I love the layered shelves and the simple design.  The light wood contrasting its dark metal frame is perfect for my home.  I know it will transition to my new home seamlessly as well.   Tip:It’s always important to think about the future when purchasing larger items for your home… Especially when you are planning a move in the near future!  I’m already envisioning this beauty in a few different locations;)

entryway console table design
Click on image for affiliate link

Entryway Console Table

While I was on the hunt for my perfect console table, I found so many other great options.  Don’t you love it when some one else does all the hard work for you?!  I’ve rounded up my top 8 versatile console tables below.  All of these gorgeous styles are priced between $200-$500.  What a great value right!?   You can shop all the tables listed according to their Numbers below.  Stay tuned for the full entry way makeover and reveal by subscribing to my blog on the sidebar.  You’ll get an email once a week with the latest projects, design tips, and DIY’s happening at Remington Avenue.  Also, don’t forget to PIN the image below to keep as a resource when on the hunt for your own perfect console table!

Transitional & affordable entryway console tables that will work with any decor style.



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