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Bright White with a Pop of Color Living Room Reveal

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Hello dear friends and thanks for stopping by to see the reveal of our bright white living room!  I’m so thrilled to share this transformation and how I added pops of bright color all throughout the space!  This has been about a 6 week process involving lots of planning and DIY magic.  My living room grew up a little when we moved the TV and sectional sofa to the basement. You might wonder how I’m surviving, but I have to say I don’t miss the television at all.  My young family gathers together to play more and just be together without the background noise of the TV.  Hey if making over my living room means we connect more as a family, I’d consider that a WIN! To see what my living room looked like before click HERE.

I can’t believe the day has finally arrived. If you need a refresher on the space you can find all the details on my new tufted sofa HERE. If you want to see the initial living room design plan you can see that HERE.  And if you want all the dirty details on how I built this Library wall with my own two mommy hands, you can get all the dirt HERE.  Now, let’s get to that bright white living room reveal and see how I played with pops of color throughout the space!

Living Room Reveal- Bright white with a pop of color

So let’s see how it all came together!

The very first decision I made when transforming our living room was to build this library wall unit.  I wanted to add some architectural interest to the very large wall behind it.  I love the depth and richness it brings to my living room.  It gives the space a sense of history and adds a familiar layer of comfort and detail.  I styled our collection of books by flipping them around to showcase their beautiful amber colored pages.  I realize this may not be the most effective way of finding your daily read, but it does create a tonal look and showcases their former lives.  These books really do tell a story!

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I was aiming for the “tight rope act” of balancing vintage elements with modern accents.  I like the interest that comes from mixing styles and lines.  The bookcase definitely brings the vintage feeling with its black sconce lights, old books, and gold picture frame.  Its balanced with a triad bowl, a geometric sphere, and a modern black and glass nesting table sitting front and center.  I love the clean lines of the Birch Lane nesting tables.  The opposing tradition lamp that sits on top serves as a model contrast in style. I might pop a black shade on this lamp in the future…just cause I like change!

Now lets talk about these spindle chairs shall we?!  I’m obsessed! They come in black, gray, brown, and white frames like mine, and gray, white, or stripe fabric.  You can always order any chair with a custom upholstery too, but I chose to keep all my large furniture items neutral and just play with color and pattern in my accessories.  Like these amazing flocked onyx pillows!  Again walking that tight rope with a bold modern pillow and a traditional spool chair.

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How about this traditional brass coffee table?  It sits on casters so I can easily move it out of the way.  That actually happens frequently due to my 3 year old daughters love for dance.  Anytime the music is on that girl will clear the living room floor for a “Remington original”.   A lot of personality packed in that little body of hers.

My living room is not overly large, so using glass tables really helped open the space up visually.  Even though this coffee table is about the same size as the ottoman I had in here before, it just seems roomier! Funny how that works.  Is it possible for a piece of furniture to feel vintage and modern all at the same time?  The brass coffee table has a traditional design and a traditional metal, but since brass is so current right now, it does give it a bit of a modern boost! #winning!

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Before my sectional sofa was pushed up against the wall where the bookcase now lives.  Now all my furniture floats neatly on top of my teal vintage fade rug.  The rug has been here all along, but it sure sings louder now.  Adding some pops of pink to the mix really brings a much needed punch of color.  You’ll find little pops of pink scattered all around my living room…velvety pink pillows, pink glass bottles, blossoms, and even in the beautiful art that hangs above my mantel. The canvas is a painting by Christie Adelle, a local Utah artist.  I love her modern style!  Trust me it was hard to choose just one!  The name of this painting is “Liberty“.  I love how its abstract yet still soft and delicate.  My husband actually loves the painting too!  I think he has told me like 7 times how much it adds to the space.  Great art speaks volumes.

If you recall, I gave a review on my new tufted sofa.  I love it and there are still no spots, scuffs, or marks.  We have been living with white furniture and 3 kids under 5 with no mishaps! I don’t regret the decision, in fact I would do it again…and you can quote me on that!  Quality furniture will stand the test of time.  Invest in neutral timeless pieces, like this Birch Lane tufted sofa.  A classic sofa will always be relevant even with shifting design trends.

Pillows and throw blankets are a much more cost effective way to keep your home up to date with the latest trends. I’ve got a classic black and white ticking stripe, a velvety pink pillow, and a windsor park printed pillow that pulls all the greens and blues from the room.  When selecting pillows I always think about color, pattern, and texture.  If you have all three, your pillow power will be on point!  Don’t forget to check out Tonic living for these beautiful pillows and more.

A pedestal table sits beside my sofa.  It has a weathered look that adds some old charm.  I painted the rim black just to give it a little sass, but I love the sculptural shape it brings.  This Birch Lane Pedestal table from Wayfair is currently on back order.  I know, I know…If your impatient like me, don’t worry I linked a similar one HERE and in the “get the look” below! Since its spring, I couldn’t help but steal a live branch from my yard to enjoy the season a bit more.  Adding a mix of real and faux plants bring a space to life.  I have real branches and flowers sprinkled all around my living room, but my fiddle fig tree is faux.  My brown thumb can’t seem to keep the real ones alive!

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The peacock wall stencil remains on my staircase wall.  This was one of the first little projects I did when we moved in and I still love it. You can purchase it by clicking on the add below.  Wall stencils are an easy and affordable way to give your walls a bit of personality!  Small walls like this are a perfect place to add a powerful pattern without it becoming overwhelming and taking over the space.

On a final note, I kept my DIY draperies, my beaded chandelier, and of course my vintage fade rug stayed too.  Well there you have it folks! I hope you’re just as pleased with my bright white living room makeover as I am! Perhaps I’ve even convinced you to add some pops of color to your own living room?   Make sure to peep the “get the look” below. As always thanks for reading! If you feel so inclined to PIN a few of the images that stand out to you I would appreciate it 100 times over!


Additional Resources in THIS POST

Wall color – Dorian Gray by Sherwin Williams

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*Hudson Table lamp found at www.33rdfloordecor.com

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Rug & Accessories:



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Pillows from Tonic Living:

Classic Black Ticking stripe                       Lux Velvet Azalea                               Flock, Onyx                            Windsor Park, Palm







*Affiliate links have been used in this post and in some cases a substitute has been provided if an item in no longer available.

*This post was done in partnership with Tonic Living however all opinions are my own.

*This post was done in partnership with Birch Lane & Wayfair however all opinions are my own.

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  1. It’s beautiful! I tried to click on a few of your sources and for me they just to pin to Pinterest. I’m looking for the agate bookends, specifically.

    1. Yes I love the book ends too. you just need to make sure to click on the image where the pin it button doesn’t hover. I know sometimes its tricky. You will love them!

  2. This is absolutely stunning! The colors go so well together. What color are your walls?

  3. Mysha this is gooooorrrgeous!! Wow! I love all the white and then those gorgeous pops of color! Perfect! I know how hard you work on this and it shows! Great job my friend!! Drooling over the sofa and chairs! And coffee table! Xoxo

    1. Summer thank you so much for taking the time to drop a note! I’m so glad you like it

  4. Looks fabulous Mysah, well done – I really love the modern color platte and Christie’s art is the perfect piece! I think my favorite is a toss up between the spindle chairs and that gorgeous coffee table! And your bookshelves are amazing…so much to love in here!

  5. Wow, Mysha… I love your new updates! The back of those spindle chairs are utterly amazing! Your bookcase library wall is so gorgeous, too. Beautiful textiles and art really pulled the complete look together…It’s all so inspiring.

  6. OK this is way more gorgeous than I could have imagined! I love your bold patterns and colors and that sofa is so pretty! Nice lines and goes perfect with the rug! Your bookshelf came out great!!

  7. What’s not to love in this stunning room? That rug, sofa, chairs, coffee table, pillows…I could go on and on!!! Oh, and that wood lamp! Love it a lot too.
    I read your blog about the billy bookcases! Your hard work paid off!!! Beautiful!
    I never leave comments, but wow, I had to!

    1. Denise thank you so much for taking the time to write such a nice message. I truly appreciate it so much.

  8. Mysha, this is amazing!!! I adore so many aspects of this!!! The shelves are amazing! The chairs!! Ah and I love the pop of blue with the rug! And yes, if it all brings your fam together, that’s so worth it!!!

  9. Such an incredible room … the colors … the textures … your bookcase DIY … that gorgeous soda and, of course, your fabulous styling! Wow!! ?

  10. Mysha, this all looks sooooooo awesome girl! And those accent chairs?! I need those in my life ?? Great post!

  11. You walked the tighrope perfectly, this room is exactly what you described wanting. Modern yet traditional. The small touches of brass in every part of the room ties everything together and brings a modern flair to some more traditional areas of the room.

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