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Easter White Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats


Holiday inspired treats are always so fun to make and they’re even more fun when the whole family gets involved! These Easter White Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats are so easy to whip up and so festive! And a fan favorite if you are hosting. So grab your little helpers, put on your matching aprons, and let’s get baking!

If you enjoy rice Krispie treats, make your own and add a twist of creamy white chocolate. Six ingredients is all this recipe calls for so it is super simple. You can enjoy the crunchy,  gooey treat anytime, but I’ve made them extra fun and festive for Easter by adding these spring colored M&Ms on top!  If I had been thinking I would have taken them a step further and cut them out in the shape of easter eggs. Wouldn’t that be so cute?!

Some quick notes on making these white chocolate yummy treats…

Make sure to melt the butter first and add in the marshmallows. Once the marshmallows are almost completely melted, then add in the white chocolate chips. If you add in the white chocolate before the marshmallows, it will seize up and the texture will be off. Aside from that, its a super simple yet tasty spin off of a traditional rice crispy treat. 

In fact, if you are a Rice Krispie treat lover, make sure to check out my Caramel Chocolate Rice Krispie Recipe. Talk about a decadent treat! I bring them to parties and let’s just say, they never make them home!

Easter White Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats


  • 4 tbsp butter
  • 10 oz bag of mini marshmallows
  • 5-6 cups Rice Krispies cereal
  • 1/2 cup white chocolate chips
  • 1 cup M&Ms


  1. Grab a 13×9 baking pan and coat the bottom and sides with butter or cooking spray.

  2. MELT the butter over medium-low heat. Once completely melted, add the marshmallows into the pot. Stir continuously until they are almost completely melted. You may add the white chocolate at this point. Continue to stir until everything is melted and combined. 

  3. Mix in the Rice Krispies one cup at a time. You will add between 5-6 cups depending on how dense you like them. 

  4. Transfer the mixture into your greased pan. Spread them out evenly.

  5. Garnish the top with M&Ms.  You could even cut them out with egg shaped cookie cutters if you wanted to take them a step further. 

These Easter White Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats would be fun customized so many ways! You can add pastel sprinkles or finish with an additional chocolate drizzle – let the littles go nuts! It’s a perfect activity to get them in the kitchen! What is your favorite Spring treat to make this time of year?

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