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Everything You Need To Know About Purchasing A Frame TV

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We get asked about our Frame TV a lot! Do we love it? Is it worth it? What makes it unique? 

So, I am breaking down everything you need to know before purchasing a Frame TV. We recently spruced up our bedroom with this wall molding project and it turned out to be such a great update to surround our Frame TV. We purchased a 55″ Samsung frame tv from THIS VENDOR. After doing a lot of shopping around, this was the best price!

The biggest draw to a Frame TV is the look. I mean, I think the majority of us would prefer looking at pretty art rather than a black screen when our TV is not in use! It’s truly brilliant because you are utilizing something we all have (sometimes in multiple rooms of the house!) in a way that is decorative and useful! It’s a win win!

I also LOVE that the TV sits flat against the wall. It’s so clean!

Things to think about before purchasing your Frame TV: 

One thing a lot of people are surprised about is the large box that comes with the frame tv. If you are planning to mount yours like we did, you will need a place nearby to house the box (ie. nearby cabinet, shelf, closet. We have a conduit that runs from the back to the closet behind the wall. You can hide the cord and box in the wall if you switch your cord to the right one for inside walls, find tutorial here) The remote does NOT need to be pointed at the box in order to control the TV. It runs on radio frequency, and as long as the signal can reach the box, it will work. 

You can access a ton of art right from your frame tv for a small fee or you can download your own art. You can also display family/personal photos. There are even settings to make your own photos look like art and add matting details. I have to say the matting setting is not my fav though. 

You can also upload a family photo or any photo (like hub’s biggest catch photo shown) to your Frame TV and it looks like it is custom framed. You can purchase simple frames that clip right on like this Bezel Beige Frame. But if you’re looking for a more decorative option, I have ya covered!  

Current art from samsung gallery: Las Meninas

I found THIS AMAZING RESOURCE while hunting for a more substantial frame to fully disguise my frame tv. I went with the black & gold but there are a ton more options than pictured below. Click HERE to check them out. 

I ordered several samples and landed on the black & gold. Now it’s totally incognito! You can use my code: Mysha50 for $50 off your purchase (any purchase). 

Tips and tricks for adding your own images:

It is FREE to upload your own photo! 

Or you can purchase digital art online. This Etsy shop is one  of my favorites. The art is tasteful, unique and super cool. 

Ok, so you have chosen your art…now what?

Here are steps to download and size your own images or photos for your Frame TV:

1. download the image and then uploaded it to the Frame via the Smart Things app on your phone. (free app)

2. Resize your art to 3840×216. You can request the digital art store owners to resize for you as well as personal photographers. Otherwise photoshop or pic monkey will do the trick.  Ps. I found this solution on Lauren McBride’s Blog Here

3. select “Art Mode”

4. Add photo or digital art

5. Select “NO Mat

6. Hit “set”

7. Done!

I hope this guide helped with everything you need to know before purchasing your Frame TV! I would love to see your artwork and how you style your Frame TV in your own home!

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  1. Thank you for this informative post. We have been researching this tv, it has less than favorable reviews, do you like it? Also, the image has to change every few min in order to keep the image from damaging the screen, is this true? Thank you in advance. Helen

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