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Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table

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Summer is just around the corner and I am so excited to share with you my floral and citrus summer brunch table along with an easy menu. Summer means lots of sunshine, a relaxed schedule, vacations, and of course lots and lots of yummy food.  Brunch is one of my favorite meals…we should indulge in more often in my opinion. Today I’ve partnered with MacKenzie-childs to bring you this seasonal table as well as a delicious menu perfect for a summer brunch with the gals or in my case “sisters”!

If your joining me from the Brooke_startathome blog then welcome!  I love Brooke and her table was absolutely Stunning!  I hope you’ll join me and the rest of my 6 blogger friends on the full Summer Table loop and leave feeling inspired! If your new to a blog loop, it’s easy…just follow the link to the next blog listed at the end of this post!

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Since this is a sisters brunch, I thought I’d share just a little about my family.  I am the seventh of eight children all of which are girls, except my one lonely brother… who really is not lonely at all!  Don’t feel bad for him, he was the only one of us to have his own room growing up.  I don’t know how my mom birthed and raised eight children, but somehow she did and I love her for it.  Growing up in a family of sisters was a real treat and even more so now that we are all grown and married.  My sisters are my very best friends…the ones I lean on in good times and bad.  Even though we don’t live in the same states, it doesn’t take away from our relationships.  We call and visit, and when we get together its like no time has passed and we pick up right where we left off.  That is the joy of a close family and a sisterhood that will last forever.  The photo below is the most recent capture I have.  One of my sisters passed away at age 18 and that was a real struggle for our family.  I think tragedy like that either brings a family together or tears it apart.  In my case, our family clung together like glue and thankfully we bonded even closer.  Her twin sister also couldn’t make it to our little sisters weekend where this photo was taken so you’ll see most of us (plus my one sister in law and my mini little mom in the center).

taken 4 years ago. From left to right Front row: Katauna, Cherise, Mom, Angela, Me. Top Row: Monica and Alyse. Brianna and Cassie are the twins not shown here.

This citrus and floral table filled with bold colors and punches of personality mimics the array of character each one of my sisters poses.  I only wish we could brunch together more often.

Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table, Summer table, summer table scape

Because of all the detail in the serve wear, this table looks way more complicated than it was.  I kept the table top bare to reveal its natural wood grain contrasting the bold design of my MacKenzie-Childs dishes.  Contrast is good!

Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table summer brunch ideas, summer brunch table

One of my favorite ways to decorate is to use accessories in unexpected ways.  This swirly striped trifle dish could certainly be used for dessert, but isn’t it more fun to transform it into a vase?! And let’s take it to the next level and surround my multicolored mums with slices of lemons and oranges.  You would not believe the fresh citrus aroma filling my kitchen!  Beauty and fragrance is a winning combination for a table centerpiece!

Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table, floral centerpiece, summer centerpiece, citrus trifle dish

Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table

Each place setting starts with a textured placematWhat better color than hot pink for a summer sisters brunch.  A solid color makes the perfect backdrop to these artisan garden plates.  Don’t you just love the whimsical floral design with the gold rimmed detail?  These large plates are perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table, summer table ideas, floral plates, summer brunch

Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table, summer tables cape, summer brunch ideas

To keep the brunch fun and light I veered away from the white linens and opted for a matching pink napkin.  Dressing them with the black and white checked ring added the perfect amount of bold design.

Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table floral plates, summer table ideas, summer dishes, summer brunch setting

Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table

I made a personal quiche for each sister.  We had to share everything our whole lives, so why not indulge them with something of their own.  My father made this famous french brunch dish every Christmas growing up.  He brought this authentic recipe back from France after living there for 2 years.  I shared this delicious recipe HERE.  It’s so rich and delicious and I make it all year round…not just Christmas!

Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table, brunch food, quiche lorraine, authentic french quiche

The best thing about brunch is you can serve breakfast lunch and dessert all at once! Don’t worry I’ll get to the dessert but this cheese plate with all the fixin’s is one of my favorite go-to sides. Brie cheese and grapes pair well and no other attention is needed.  Easy, tasty, and sophisticated especially when served with these dotty cheese knives.  Wouldn’t these make the perfect take home gift for all my sisters?  Done and Done!

Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table, cheese plate, summer brunch ideas, cheese knives, polka dot dishes

Of course you can’t have a meal with all girls without serving a salad.  So I went with a spinach and strawberry salad. Light and refreshing with it’s sweet poppyseed dressing and garnished pecans.  I served this summer time favorite in this large Compote bowl. Anything with a pedestal appears fancy and I adore the black and white check pattern mixed with the floral design.  I have a feeling this dish will be getting a lot of use around my house.

Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table, summer dishes, summer table

Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table,summer salad, summer brunch, sisters brunch, strawberry spinach salad

Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table,summer salad bowl, compote bowl, summer citrus and floral table

When hosting a meal for family or friends, a tray brings some ease to the party.  Filling drinks or clearing dishes is made simple with this rattan tray.  Doesn’t my raspberry limeade just look alluring perched upon the checkered base? This tray will be serving double duty as utility and decor!

Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table, summer serving tray, summer drink ideas, summer raspberry limeade

Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table

I bought some extra potted mums of various colors to give to my sisters.  What girl doesn’t like flowers? I often give potted plants instead of floral bouquets just because they last longer on the counter.  You can plant these too and they last forever! Accompanied by a small gift – like the  dotty cheese knives – will definitely bring a smile to each of their faces. I even placed them in this cute courtyard tote, but that is staying here with me.

Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table, floral basket, summer table

Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table,summer tote, summer table ideas, summer brunch

Don’t forget the little details that make a big difference.  Even when unlit, candles provide a certain amount of elegance and atmosphere to the table.  I selected classic white sticks and placed them in these simple gold checked holders

Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table, gold candle holders, summer table ideas,

Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table, vanilla cake recipe, summer table ideas

And finally we get to the dessert! My daughter and I made this yummy triple layered vanilla cake together.  I often use a box cake as a foundation, but this time we splurged and make the whole cake from scratch.  Don’t be intimidated though, it really is a simple recipe.  The secret is all in the frosting.  (Recipe coming to the blog soon). I went with the “naked cake” method.  I like the rustic look topped with colorful berries and a few blossoms. The checkered cake stand is really the show stopper here!

Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table, checkered cake stand, naked cake ideas, summer dessert

Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table
Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table, naked cake, checkered cake stand,

I hope this floral and citrus summer brunch leaves you inspired to bring together the ones you love.  For a birthday, a holiday, or just because…breaking bread with the important people in our lives brings us closer and creates memories that last forever. I loved the opportunity to partner with this amazing company and share (with my sisters) and with you a glimpse of the fun design MacKenzie-Childs brings to the table.

Floral and Citrus Summer Brunch Table,summer brunch
In case you are not aware, artisans work together to create unique and beautiful collections for the MacKenzie-Childs company. They offer everything from dinnerware to furniture and even jewlery.

 Floral & Citrus Summer Brunch Menu

Quiche Lorraine

Spinach strawberry Salad with poppyseed dressing

Cheese and Fruit Platter

Vanilla Triple layered cake (recipe to come)

Raspberry Limeade

To continue on the Summer Table Tour please join me and my friend Yuni at Loveyourabode blog!  I know she’ll have something extra inspiring for us today! Just incase you get lost along the way here is the list of the full Summer table lineup:

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  1. Mysha! I just got so much inspiration here. Love all the special touches you added and I know your sisters must’ve loved this. Thanks for sharing so much beauty here. LOVE!

  2. Girl, a few things!!!

    1. I had no idea that you had such a large family! My husband comes from a family of 14 so I understand

    2. Im sorry about your sis! But yes time like that will make or break you!!! I’m glad it made y’all!

    3. This is so stunning! Everything about it!!! I adore the pops of colors!!! So so good!!

    1. Hi vanessa! I don’t share a ton of personal life, but I thought it was fitting here. Yes my family is a big one, but I love it! Thanks for stopping in friend and I hope your feeling better.

  3. Girl! I love it all. All the details came together perfectly. I love that everyone got their own mini quiche since you’ve shared your whole lives ? Thanks for including your family!

    1. I don’t often get personal, but it felt natural here. Thanks for stopping in Shelby

  4. Mysha, I didn’t know that you had such a large family! No surprise though how beautiful you all are. So sorry to hear about your sister but so glad you guys had each others support and love. What a blessing! This table was set perfectly! The details and fun pops of color was perfect. All the food looks absolutely delicious and the Mckenzie-Childs dishes were perfect in here! Great job girl!!

  5. Well this was just the most beautiful brunch ever. I have to say I love that centerpiece that you created!!! So creative! Everything looked delicious too. I am sorry for your loss, my brother passed at 18 as well. Our family came together like yours. It must be a blast having all those sisters.

  6. I love the color pops and I’m all heart eyes ? over those dishes. I might just steal them one by one when I come visit again. Thanks for a beautiful brunch. Love you Sis

  7. oh my goodness! Mysha, I love all of your entertaining tips! I especially love the dotty cheese servers and cake stand…wow, your “naked cake” looked amazing on that cake stand…wowza! Beautiful story and day with your sisters!!!

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