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Hamptons Pool House Transformation


We just got back from a really great friends and family vacation in the Hamptons. And while we were gone I got to work on a very fun project! My friends’ pool house! In my post a few weeks ago, I gave you the rundown on the pool house and my plans to take it from drab to fab. And I am happy to report this Hamptons Pool House Transformation turned out just as good as I’d hoped!

I started by removing the baseboards with a razor blade, hammer, and putty knife. Do NOT use a crowbar. That will damage the drywall.

My project officially began by installing the cap pieces of trim at about 2/3 the height of the room. I used two kinds of joints to install the cap: a 45 degree to hide the seam better and a butt joint in the corners.

I went with a pre-painted MDF product with a tongue and groove as my shiplap material and it comes in a variety of colors. The pieces are installed using 2” nails (18 gage) into the studs and angled into the tongue part of the boards to hide the nail holes.

The top portion of the wall is wallpapered with a beautiful paper from Copper Corners. This paper is called Artist’s Diamonds print and comes in 9 color options. I love all of Copper Corners papers because they are always so beautiful and unique and they apply to the wall so nicely. Use code: REMINGTON10 for 10% off sitewide on all papers. Order some samples and choose your favorite!

My most recent post was all about wallpaper. The ones I’ve used and tips and tricks! Read that blog post and watch the reel I’ve put together!

My wallpaper panels for this project are 2ft wide. Mark an inch in on the wall and draw a level vertical line. The first panel is always the hardest to hang but it’s also the most important to keep the pattern level. I applied the paste to the back of the paper and the wall. Line the side up to the level line and fold the excess into the corner. For the second piece, line up the pattern on the left side which you know is level. Get out all the air bubbles and then use a razor blade to trim the top and bottom. Make sure you have at least 2 inches of excess on top always!

For this Hampton’s pool house transformation, the decor is simple, but functional. The daybed serves as a lounger during the day and a guest bedroom at night. We actually ordered the Serena & Lily outdoor upholstered mattress, but it didn’t arrive in time. So, we got creative and we used the neutral one from the swinging bed that will eventually hang outside the door!

All of the indoor/outdoor pillows are from Tonic Living, which is my favorite pillow source! You can order just the designer covers or the inserts as well. I love the standard fillers.

The pool house also has an adjoining bathroom, which will be getting a revamp next time I am here!

What do you think about this Hamptons Pool House Transformation? Would you stay here?!

diy grasscloth console table
upholstered ottoman and outdoor pillows all from

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  1. I would love to know approximate sizes of the spaces you are revamping to help adapt ideas into our size space. Do you have a post about sizes of rooms or rough floor plans? I love your ideas!!

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