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High End Range Comparison


It’s no secret that I love a beautiful kitchen. I mean, who doesn’t? And part of what makes a beautiful kitchen are beautiful appliances. In our current home we have a Thermador range, which works great! But for our new home, I knew I wanted a jewelry piece. For the longest time, I’ve been drooling over the Lacanche French Ranges. They are just so stunning. But with that beauty comes a hefty price tag. And no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t make a 35K range fit into the appliance budget for our new home. So, I started looking at other high end range options. Similar in nostalgic French design, still high end, but not as pricey. Before I get into the one I chose, let me give a high end range comparison on the two I narrowed it down to.

high end range comparison

After ruling out the Lacanche due to price, I ultimately landed on two options: the Bertazzoni Heritage Series and the Ilve Nostalgie Series, both 48 inch ranges. Both are stunning and have great reputations. So if you’re trying to decide on a range purely based on looks, either is a great option. But after reading the reviews for both, I realized I needed to make the decision based on functionality for our family too. And I do a lot of cooking, so the range I decided to go with needed to be user friendly and practical. 

high end range comparison

High End Range Comparison

The Ilve Nostalgie Series 48” Range

I absolutely love the look of the Ilve. Plus, it comes in quite a few different color and trim options, making it easy to pick the perfect statement piece for your kitchen.

The Ilve had a couple of common complaints. One being that the fan is really loud. And the second being that the second oven is too small for everyday use. However, it does have a warming drawer underneath it, which some may find useful.

The Bertazzoni Heritage Series 48” Range

The Bertazzoni is also another beautiful option if you’re trying to achieve the nostalgic French range look. Unlike the Ilve, the color choices are more limited, as there are only three in the Heritage series.

The reviews do say that the fan on this one is quieter, which is a plus. And although it does not have a warming drawer, it does have a second oven that is larger than the second oven on the Ilve.

So which one did I choose?

I went with the Bertazzoni Heritage Series! In the end, the Bertazzoni range was just going to be more practical for our family. Like I mentioned, I cook a lot, and for us personally, I felt that it was more important to have a more functional second oven as opposed to a warming drawer. Plus I went with the classic stainless steel with brass details, so having the extra color options didn’t matter to me. I do think your decision really is dependent upon your needs though, so while the Ilve may not be the right fit for me, it might be the right fit for you. I am so excited to see this high end range in the new house. And don’t you worry, I’ll definitely be giving a full review once it’s installed and I am using it.

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