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Holiday Front Porch Transformation


My holiday front porch transformation is complete, and just in time for us to enjoy it for Christmas! This year I went big! And by that I mean big in size. See the giant red bow and inflatable ornaments for reference.

When it comes to my holiday front porch decor, I like to change it up from year to year. But there are a few things that I always include: the garlands around the door, the teardrop swags under the lanterns, and the large black and white ornaments above the door.

For the garlands, I used two 9ft strands. I hang these using giant command hooks to secure them. If you can, it helps to leave your hooks on from the previous year, trust me, they’re strong, so they should hold up year round. I put the parts where the two pieces meet slightly overlapping on the center hook and then a couple on the sides to hold it in place.

This year I only filled one of my large pots with a mini tree. This is because I knew I wanted this tree shaped wood holder out on the porch. Its currently on sale btw!

I added these baskets I made last year to the front doors for some more character.

The large ornaments are from Walmart and the best part is, they are inflatable! This will come in handy when it’s time to store them. I tied mine down with fishing line so they wouldn’t blow away. Fishing line is practically invisible, so there are no distracting wires or anything to take away from the illusion.

And lastly, the giant cherry on top, the red bow. This bow is HUGE. It’s 60”x75” to be exact! We secured it using masonry screws right into the brick. I drilled into my brick with a masonry bit and inserted two masonry screws behind the middle of the bow. The bow comes with wires to attach it easily to the screws. Then we added to small hooks on the sides of the arch to attach the bow stems so they wouldn’t blow in the wind. The quality of this bow is amazing and will be something I use for years to come!

Watch me put together this holiday front porch transformation in the Reel below!

That’s a wrap on my holiday front porch transformation! Stay tuned as I post a couple more holiday room tours over the next week!

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