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How To Hang A Mirror On A Tile Wall


This is the second post in my basement bathroom overhaul renovation series! If you want to see what it started as, check out this tile wall bathroom backsplash post! In this post I am going to give you two ways on how to hang a mirror on a tile wall. The most recommended way to hang a mirror is with a french cleat system. You got to drill into that tile baby, but Im gonna show you how I did it! I am also going to explain how to hang a mirror on tile without using a drill or making any holes.

Now I won’t lie. I was surprisingly more nervous than I thought I would be for this particular project. Have I ever drilled into tile before? No I have not. But I wasn’t going to let that stop me. The thing with drilling into tile is that if you go too quickly it will crack your tile. So, I got myself a little diamond tip drill bit and took it nice and slow.

How to Hang a Mirror on a Tile Wall


Stud finder

Blue tape

1/4″ Anchors

French cleat system

Construction adhesive

1/4″ Diamond drill bit


By drilling:

Step 1: I started by marking where I wanted to hang my mirror on the wall with a pencil. If you are able to drill into a grout line, it will be far easier. (I chose that option).

Step 2: From there I measured from the counter top up to that mark so I knew where to position my laser level. Remember, measure 800 times drill once. Plus I had to hang 2 mirrors so I had to write down the measurements.

Step 3: I used my laser level to make a straight & lined up my blue tape accordingly. I put the wall side of the french cleat on the blue tape and traced out the drill holes, lining the top of my french cleat to the top of the blue tape.

Step 4: I left the tape up for extra support when drilling. But the next step is to actually drill your holes. Go SLOW! You may need to get yourself a spray bottle of water to keep the hole damp depending on how thick your tile is.

Step 5: Carefully hammer in your anchors. I used regular, plain old anchors (not the self screwing ones like I normally do, since there is no room for threads because of the tile.) I also recommend a rubber mallet hammer so you don’t crack the tile here.

Step 6: Once the anchors are in, peel away the tape. Then screw in the wall side of your french cleat. Once it’s secure, hang your mirror! Obviously I did not drill into studs, otherwise the anchors would not be necessary.

No drill needed method- Construction adhesive:

Step 1: Marking where you want to hang your mirror on the wall with a pencil.

Step 2: From there measure from the counter top up to that mark so you know where to position your laser level.

Step 3: Put construction adhesive on the back of the wall side of the french cleat. Line up with your laser level line and glue the cleat directly to the tile.

Step 4: Put some tape over it to give it a little extra support. Let it sit overnight and then hang your mirror the next day. I really like Loctite quick grab vs regular construction adhesive. I find that it dries and stays a lot quicker.

This mini project was so much simpler than I thought it was going to be. And I am so happy I can add a new skill (drilling into tile) to my list. Plus, now you have two ways on how to hang a mirror on a tile wall!

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