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Favorite Valentine’s Day Baking Recipes

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Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite times to get in the kitchen and create, and I love bringing the kids along with me…so I have rounded up my very favorite Valentine’s Day Baking Recipes to share with your loved ones! Or don’t share, we won’t judge!

Linked all the cutest Valentine’s Day baking gear!

To start, these sugar cookies are melt in your freakin’ mouth delicious.

They have the best buttery taste, but the almond extract adds a dimension that is just next level. In the past we have used heart cookie cutters – but truly they could be made for any holiday or rolled and kept simple! I usually whip up a batch of simple ombré frosting which makes each unique in it’s own right. Sprinkles optional, but always recommended, because, well kiddos..

My raspberry white chocolate cookies are amazing and so simple and SO decadent. Wrap these up for neighbors and friends and they will never let you live it down. Time and again I get requests for both the recipe and the cookie – they are that good. And they are so fun to make! Truly, baking is one of my favorite things to do as a family so making these little goodies is fun for all and brings so much joy in the kitchen!

Last but certainly not least, you will not be able to stop eating these cherry chip shortbread cookies. One of my most asked about recipes…truly, they are that addictive and I make them throughout the year to gift and give for festive occasions. You can use cookie cutters to your liking or just roll into a log and slice! I love to wrap them up with some cute ribbon or you can find cute tins at Target, Wal Mart and beyond for easy packaging and gifting.

They are the ultimate Valentine’s Day baking recipe. A little sweet, crunchy and the texture is just [ chef’s kiss ] perfect.

Give the gift of love from the kitchen this Valentine’s Day! These are just a few of my favorite treat recipes, which really could be made any time of year!

Here are all my favorite Valentine’s baking utensils – gotta keep on theme, right?

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