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My Workout Routine


Ever since we finished La Gym, you all have been asking for My Workout Routine, so I compiled some basic techniques so you can workout at home with me!

I have always loved to workout, because it keeps my head on straight and allows me to release any stress or anxiety about life. This time after baby, it’s not necessarily all about losing the weight, it’s about finding my strength and keeping myself in a good mental state! Especially after this year, am I right? 

As we gear up for 2021, I always try and create goals to have a balanced healthy life so this is a good starting point! I have linked all of my home gym essentials here too for easy reference! 

Let’s get started with a fun playlist! You know I love pretty much anything and this is a good way to get going! 


Start with just an easy 2 min cardio warm up – I will alternate between jumping jacks, high knees, and jumping lunges.

Or you can start with a fun family dance party! Make it a family affair!

The 1st move on My Workout Routine is push ups and planks, which is like an alternate plank walks with a push up in the middle.
Start on your forearms and go up into a full plank, do a push up, then go down with the other arm. Sometimes I like to hold the forearm plank for an extra second or two as well! Feel the burn!

2. Move onto the 2nd move:
Front back lunges, 15 on each leg

3. Jump into the 3rd move:
10 burpees

4. 4th move
Push ups. 10-15

There’s a simple, easy and quick Home Workout You don’t need any weights and you don’t need any equipment. Just repeat all of the exercises 4X and you’re good. It will make you feel so much better I promise!

And your kids will probably not make it through the whole thing, family affair maybe not so much! 

This is another really simple workout you can do! I call this My Workout Routine for Travel because you literally can do it anywhere!

Start with a 2 mile cardio warm up and then do each of these exercises once through and then repeat the cycle 3X.

  • 10 lunge-curtsy lunge on each leg
  • 30 runners lunges on each leg. Be quick!
  • One leg deadlift, bicep curl-shoulder press combo, 10 each leg
  • 20 Kettle bell swings. I used a 25lb weigh.
  • Start in a plank position with a weight under you and your hands to the sides of each weight. Step each hand from the side of the weight onto the weight, and then back down. Lead with each arm 20 times, 40 total!

Here is one of my faves in My Workout Routine: LEGS!



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So we’re going to start with lunges…front back lunges with 10lb weights,12 on each leg.

The next one we will jump into is one leg cardio lunges. I’m using a stability disk because it makes me engage my abs, my core, my butt muscles, and works on ankle stability. So If you don’t have on of those you can do it on the ground, but the key is to keep your core tight while doing this to maintain balance. 25 on each leg.

Then I use a 15 lb weight this time to do wide leg deep squats,15 Reps.

Next is hip thrusts – feel the burn yet? You can add weight to your lower ab/hip area if you want and do 20 hip thrusts. If you want to add difficulty you can also put one leg straight up in the air.

Next up:

  • 25 runners lunges on each leg
  • 15 regular squats with weights in each hand
  • Finish with 10 step ups on each leg!
  • Repeat all exercises for 3 rounds


If you ever need motivation or want to see more of My Workout Routine, I have them all saved to my highlights! I have all my delish and healthy keto recipes to reference on the blog too! Bring on 2021!

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