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Pottery Barn Terracotta Pumpkin Dupe

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Let’s take this Walmart pumpkin and turn it into a Pottery Barn terracotta pumpkin dupe! You see, I loved the look of these large terracotta pumpkins I found from Pottery Barn, but they were $89 EACH. There was just no way I was going to pay that much per pumpkin, so I figured I’d DIY it myself! The results turned out even better than expected. I can’t believe how much they look like the $89 ones!

Pottery Barn Terracotta Pumpkin Dupe Tutorial


Faux pumpkins
Air dry modeling clay
Behr terracotta clay paint ( I bought a sample in flat and it painted 8 pumpkins all together!)
Baking soda
Plaster of Paris

To start, I got some inexpensive closeout pumpkins from Walmart.

Next I used air drying modeling clay to extend the pumpkin stem. When the clay is dry, it’s time to paint!

I painted the whole pumpkin, including the stem, with Behr terracotta clay paint. I just got a sample size paint for this. That’ll be plenty, depending on how many pumpkins you’re painting! For me it covered 4 pumpkins with some leftover.

Sprinkle baking soda on the wet paint and brush it out for added texture.

Mix together Plaster of Paris with water to form a watery paste. Paint it on the pumpkin and let it dry. If you feel like the pumpkin is too white after it dries, paint over it again with the terracotta paint.

And there you have it! Time to show off your new terracotta pumpkins around your house! It’s honestly such an easy DIY! I’m so glad I didn’t spend $89 on the originals, and instead created this Pottery Barn terracotta pumpkin dupe!

Watch this DIY in action below!

To complete the collection on my mantel, I also took some foam pumpkins and gave them the same treatment. Then I went a little rogue and used white paint and antique glaze to introduce another color pumpkin to the mix and it turned out great! This terracotta pumpkin dupe tutorial was apart of my fall living room update, which you can see more of in this post!

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