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Muted Fall Living Room

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Labor Day has passed and now its time for all things fall!! Which means it’s time for a fall home decor update and this year, it’s a muted fall living room! I love when fall hits because it feels like the official kickoff to the holiday season! Now I know it’s not technically the holiday season yet, but fall decor turns into Halloween decor which turns into Thanksgiving decor and then BAM its Christmas decor! This time of year is so festive and fun and I love that from now through the end of the year, the house will be *extra* decorated!

My Muted Fall Living Room

The first step I took to add some fall into my home was to DIY the terracotta pumpkins you see on the mantel! In case you missed it, I found these large terracotta pumpkins from Pottery Barn that were so beautiful, but unfortunately were $89 each. There was just no way to justify spending that much on faux pumpkins, so I DIY-ed my own. It was sooo simple, and I even made a tutorial for it HERE. I also tried this technique on foam pumpkins and it worked on those too!

This muted fall living room update started with us rearranging the furniture a little bit. I wanted to freshen up the space before I gave it a fall refresh. We swapped one of my Pottery Barn York sofas with the two chairs that were under the window and I think it looks great. If you’ve been eyeing these sofas, I say they are worth it. I still feel exactly the same way about them as I did when I wrote my honest review of them! I LOVE them! I kept my existing batik style rug (which is still my favorite ever) linked here.

Next I added these Serena and Lily dupe pillows from Walmart in this golden yellow color. I love the embroidered flowers and corner tassels. They also come in a sage green and blue version. One thing I always do when I buy inexpensive pillows is replace the insert with a quality one. I get mine from Tonic Living. It really makes such a big difference in how the pillow lays on the couch. The rest of the pillows on my sofa are from Tonic Living: gold velvet pillow, plaid pillow, tan striped pillow, apricot colored pillow, blue striped pillow.

What would a fall refresh be without foliage? If you store yours during the year like I do, don’t forget to fluff them a little before you place them! Click HERE for My favorite source for large fall foliage branches. I’ve had mine for going on 4 years and they’re still holding strong.

Another piece of foliage I use comes from my own backyard! My lollipop hydrangeas are insane this time of year, so I just go outside and clip some, then hang them upside down to dry. Once they’re dried, I spray them with hairspray and pop them in a vase and they’re good to go. Don’t be afraid to use real foliage, especially since it’s free!

Don’t forget about the fall scents! I use my fav clean Fragrance device and pods . My favorite fall scent is warm cinnamon. It fills my entire first floor with yummy aroma without all the yucky toxins in candles. You can use my code: MYSHA10 for 10% off sitewide.

Watch me fall-ify my living room in this reel!

Add in a throw blanket or two and the living room is looking extra cozy! I am loving the muted tones this year, so I kept it relatively simple and just added a few more neutral pumpkins here and there. I wanted it to be more subtle and I think I perfectly achieved that goal in this fall home decor update!

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