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Hello everyone!  I received some happy mail a couple days ago and I’ve been dying to share these personalized prints ever since.  Jibeprints.com carries a wide variety of creative prints, some quotes, some art, and some a mix of both.  These prints stood out to me not only because of their unique prints, but because of the personal touch.  You can add your name(s), intital(s), and/or date to each print!  How cool is that.

I received mine packaged nicely in a poster tube.  It unrolled perfectly without any dents or scratches.  Here is the holiday print I selected.  I couldn’t wait to get it up on my mantel!  Peace – Love – Joy are simple words but speak to the deeper meaning of Christmas.

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“We rise by lifting others.  We are open minded, accepting, tolerant, we love, we forgive, we show gratitude.  We laugh lots.  We create our own reality.  We are always curious and seek answers that move us forward.  We own our mistakes and learn from them.  We do whatever it takes.  Knowing that sometime, we soar high and sometimes, it’s one time step at a time.  But it’s ok, because… this here, is not a quit zone – it’s our life.  We got this!”

I chose this MANIFESTO to hang in our house as a family motto.  I believe in displaying the words that are important in life in my home.  It remind us how we want to live and who we want to be.  This print speaks volumes.  Keep your eyes peeled, cause once the holidays have passed this beauty will be hanging in my home with my family name printed at the bottom.

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