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My baby girl, whom this blog is named after, inspired me to design a room in which dreams are made of.  I have a 3 year old boy and his room is “very boy”… so designing this little princess palace was pretty fun.  I knew I wanted a canopy, I knew the walls were going to be pink, and I knew I wanted it to be a little over the top.
The first thing I did was find a fabric for her bedding.  I wanted a soft floral, and I found the perfect one at www.joann.com in the home dec section.  Starting with an inspiration fabric is often my first step when designing a space.  Its easy to match paint since it comes in every shade imaginable.  However, it can be tricky to find a corresponding fabric once you’ve painted.  I sewed the bumpers and double stuffed the batting pads so they stayed more structured! I didn’t do this in my sons room, and these held up so much better!  The crib is from Walmart.  Its on its second go around.

Second order of business was building the cornice box for the canopy.  My friend actually built and hung the structure for me in our last house.  This go around I was ready to take on the task myself.  I had to cut it down by about 7 inches in length and reattach the side and crown molding.  Mixing the willow branches and crown kept it classic with a twist of whimsy.  I hot glued every one of those 9000 branches onto that cornice, but the end result was just as I envisioned! I ordered 4 panels of sheers online.  Cant remember the vendor but you can get then just about anywhere.  They are hung with spring loaded curtain rods which I secured in place with my handy staple gun. 
Next order of business was paint! After sampling 4 shades of pink, I ended up with Peach Ale Mode by Glidden.  Its not too pink but just the right amount! When I moved into this home, all the pitched ceilings were white.  I chose to paint the wall color all the way up to highest point to visually create a higher ceiling.  It changed the space dramatically.

All the furniture in her room was passed on to me from my in-laws.  It was their first bedroom set they bought when they married 40 years ago.  Its solid wood, just needed a coat of paint and some Valspar antique glaze I purchased at .  http://www.lowes.com/ you love furniture with family history!  The rocking chair was a random find from Goodwill.  http://www.goodwill.org  How perfect was that color.  All it needed was a shampoo and it was good as new.

Now for the accessories.  The lamp was a HomeGoods find. http://www.homegoods.com.  I embellished it by adding the lace and filling it with clear marbles.  The mirror was purchased at Hobby Lobby, and they still carry it today.  The Custom Monogram letters I purchased off a shop on Easy called Kygracedesigns.


They come unfinished so you can paint them the color of your choosing.  The sparkle sign was purchased from my friend Kim’s shop called Jaxn Blvd, and you can find in on Instagram under that name.


She makes the best signs ever.  Finally, the beautiful crouched rug was also purchased from an Etsy shop called EvaVillain and I absolutely love this product.  I think it totally makes the room!


Total cost for this room was approx. $400.  This includes paint, supplies, and all the furniture and accessories you see here.  

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