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Valentine Moss Wreath


I love Valentine’s Day because it reminds us to do a little something special for the people we love.  However, I’m not huge fan of Valentine’s decor! Mostly because I’ve never been crazy about hearts or shiny pink cupids lol!  But this year I thought it would be nice to hang up a little reminder of this affectionate holiday, so I harnessed my creative powers to come up with something tasteful.  I hope you like this easy craft and find a place in your home for this “heart”!


twigs, sticks, or decor reeds (whatever you have around the house)
wire ribbon of your choice
(moss mat is less expensive, buy you will have to hot glue it all)
Hot glue


Cut your moss mat into strips about 8 to 10 inches long and 2-3 inches wide.  Cut your twigs or branches into small pieces about 3-4 inches long.
Peel the backing off the adhesive moss, or glue your first moss strip onto your foam heart.  Once your first piece is adhered to the wreath, take about 3 to 4 twigs and place them on the wreath as illustrated in the photo below.  Then place another strip of moss over the twigs and covering the foam.  The moss will hold the twigs in place.



Continue this process until the wreath is completely covered.  I placed twigs between every strip of moss, but place them as you see fit.  This is not an exact method. I did make sure all the twigs were pointing in the same direction.
Take your wire ribbon and cut a piece to the length you’d like your wreath to hang.  I cut mine about 18 inches long.  Loop the ribbon through the wreath and glue the top together.
To make the bow, unwind the ribbon and make one loop to the size you like.  Before cutting the ribbon, make another loop and pinch in the middle.  I always like to size my bow before cutting the ribbon from the spool so that I can adjust it.
Cut another small piece of ribbon for the middle.  Pinch the middle of the bow and rap the small piece of ribbon around the center.  Glue it together on the back side.  Cut the ends of the bow at an angle to give it a nice finish.
Glue the new bow to the top of the ribbon looped around your wreath.  Once its dry hang at your desired location.  I hung mine at my front door.

Happy Valentine’s!  I hope this brings a bit of love into your home!


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