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DIY String Art


I’ve kinda been obsessing about all the string art everywhere.  I thought it would make a super easy project for the nursery, and a great craft for my son and I to do together.  He is my little helper and is always asking what he can make for his soon to be little sister.  This would also make a great craft for valentines, so its coming at the right time of year I suppose;)

I have a stack of old fencing in my garage that I use for all sorts of little projects.  I simply sawed one fence panel into 3 equal parts and secured them together for the base.  You could also use pallet wood, an old frame, or an old decor piece painted or turned backward.  I’m all about reusing old items that have been thrown aside and transforming them into something new and fun.

The first thing I did was make a pattern of the shape I wanted on a piece of paper.  I chose a heart, but you could really do any shape! (I mentioned using old items right haha… watercolors from yesterdays craft activity).  Once you have your desired shape, cut it out and trace it onto your base.

I made the mistake of hammering in the nails next.  I totally spaced on the white paint.  So  DON’T MAKE THAT MISTAKE!  Instead paint your desired shape white, staying in the lines. (ignore the nails in the pic)

Now get your hammer and nails ready.  I used some nails I already had… size 3/4 X 16.  I spaced the nails about a 1/2″ to 3/4″ apart.  I did not by any means break out a ruler, just eye balled it.  Continue hammering in the nails until you have completed the entire heart or desired shape.

Now this is where my son jumped in on the fun.  Tie a knot on the first nail (any nail will do).  Make sure its secured and begin weaving the string across the shape and wrapping it around other nails.  It should create nice lines running all different directions.  There is really no method to this art, so let your kids go crazy and enjoy the fun.  I bought my multi colored sting at hobby lobby for $1.00.
And yes that is my pregnant belly popping out if you were wondering:)  When you’ve completed the art it should look something like this.  I hope you enjoyed this simple string art tutorial.  It really was super easy and a perfect project for little ones!
Stay tuned for the full nursery reveal.  I still have a few small projects Im wrapping up, but I’m so happy with how everything is coming together.

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