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10 Industrial Farmhouse Lights $25-$50


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Today I’m sharing 10 Industrial Farmhouse sconce light options that won’t brake the bank.  I’ve been working on a super top secret project for my living room which involved some lighting.  After searching and searching for the perfect sconce lights for my super top secret project, I found the perfect light for $25!  What’s that you say?  Yes $25 for these beauties!

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So naturally I bought 3 and blurted out a few shrieks of excitement when they came in the mail!  So much style for the money!  I can’t wait to share with you my super top secret project, but until then I hope you find the perfect light for you!  These were my favorites, and I’m keeping it real with the budget friendly options!

Sconce lights, or ambient lighting, is a great way to add drama to a room and add to the rooms overall appeal! Here are some applications that I love:

Focus on artwork

Focus on plants or architectural elements

Create a focal point especially above a mantel, console table, or beside a mirror in a bathroom.

Provide extra light for reading, especially over a bed side table or sofa

Focus on photos or collections perhaps in a hallway gallery or bookcase

Above or beside windows

To shop your favorite light scroll and tap the image of your choice.  It will direct you right to the vendor.  Happy shopping!

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  1. It is amazing how much of an impact the right light fixture can make but they are usually so expensive. Great finds, thanks for sharing. My favorite is the 6th light fixture. The clear cover and exposed light bulb bring a more modern feel to the light fixture, making it perfect for a french modern or country modern home decor style.

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