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free update for yellow lights

I almost didn’t post on this little trick because its so super easy, but i figured there’s probably a lot of you that could use this little piece of information.  I’ve mentioned before how literally every light in my house was yellow when we bought it.  As you know lighting isn’t cheap…esp when we are talking about replacing a house full!  You can imagine my excitement when we discovered this little magic trick!
It all started with changing a light bulb.  The laundry room light went out so CB (hubs) was on it.  As he took down the glass shade he noticed that some of yellow color was flaking off.  He took it to the sink and started washing it and thought…” I wonder if this would rub off with a little help?” Sure enough the magic answer was Lacquer thinner.  Check it out…
Instant update to all my fixtures, and finally we’ve got bright lights…YEAH!!

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    1. Other than the price, the differences between the two solvents are subtle: Both are petroleum products. Both can be used to thin oil-based paints and varnishes and to clean paintbrushes. Paint thinner is mineral spirits, but in a less refined form.

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