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Girls Bathroom Design – Just Be You sign

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Today I am very excited to reveal my little girls bathroom design! My 5 year old daughter has even put some work into her bathroom and I couldn’t be happier with how this little space turned out.  Since this bathroom belongs to my 2 youngest girls, I thought a little “Just Be You” sign was appropriate.

Girls bathroom design- Just be you

I’ll get to the full tour in a minute, but first lets address the phrase “Just Be You”.  Easier said than done these days, but what an important value to instill in our young ones and in ourselves. I have to admit since I started this blog and social media page that there have been many times that I didn’t want to be “Just Me”.  It’s easy to get distracted and to compare ourselves to others – especially in areas we feel we aren’t good enough or that we just don’t compare!

When I was a new blogger, I def made the mistake of trying to act like the others- Constantly searching to see what was working for others.  It was exhausting trying to keep up with all the different styles and talents of those who have perfected their brand and craft.  It did not bring me happiness.  I felt busy, but unfulfilled.  I lost my authenticity and myself for a bit.

There are times in our lives when we do this more than others.  Sometimes we are confident and sometimes we are timid.  I don’t doubt that those feeling won’t arise again from time to time, but I do know who I am and what I am capable of.  Do you know what the greatest thing about it all is… Nobody else can BE ME, and no body else can BE YOU! So “Just Be You”!

Girls bathroom design- Just be you

This uplifting message is the one that I want my girls to see every day as they are getting ready in their bathroom.  “Just Be You”, because you are not only good enough, you are great!

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Girls Bathroom Design-Reveal

I realize that not all my readers will “love” this bathroom or “love” all of the design elements I put into my home.  That’s the thing about design, it is subjective to the taste of each individual.  We all have different styles and that is Okay! So on the the bathroom reveal!

Girls bathroom design- Just be you

To begin with, all of the walls in my home are painted Simply White by Benjamin Moore.  I knew I would be adding my own flair little by little.  With the help of my 2 oldest kids, I painted the stripes on the girl’s bathroom walls a pretty lavender gray.  The color is called Swanky Gray by Sherwin Williams. Click here for the tutorial on how to paint perfectly straight lines – my method is game changer!

So let me explain the details:

  • Striped walls – painted BM Simply White  &  SW Swanky Gray for a classic look.
  • A soft and dainty cement tile for the floors – I chose this gray and white star-like pattern (Estrella gray from Riad Tile)
  • Custom vanity with trough sink
  • Brass faucets, towel bars, and sconces for a little bling
  • Amethyst Knobs for an unexpected and girly touch

If you plan to do cement tile just be aware of the thickness. This will affect transitions from hardwood or thinner tiles.  To accommodate for the thickness you can either build up the subfloor under the other floor surfaces or use a transition piece like I did. Just some helpful notes.

Girls bathroom design- Just be you

Girls bathroom design- Just be you

Designing the girls vanity was a fun one. I love the floating middle that spans from each drawer bank.  I hung a long towel bar there for easy reaching.  It’s an especially nice little niche for storing a step stool and extra towels. The purple crystal knobs give off a royal feminine fair without being too juvenile. The vanity is also painted BM simply white.

Girls bathroom design- Just be you

Girls bathroom design- Just be you

I went with one large trough sink instead of 2 separate sinks, but gave each girl their own faucet. The trough sink has a matte finish and the brass faucets are from Delta Faucet.  I absolutely love the sleek look of the Delta Trinsic line. Let’s be honest, any shared girl’s bathroom needs two faucets and a large mirror! I had my cabinet maker build the mirror.  I painted the frame gold to match all of the other hardware.  This way I could maximize the mirror size and mount the sconces right on top.

Girls bathroom design- Just be you

Girls bathroom design- Just be you

These sconces are fun too.  They have a marble base (matching the counter top).  I love the exaggerated bulb size for a modern touch.


Girls bathroom design- Just be you

I kept the tub surround simple and used a classic subway tile with gray grout.  It’s clean and classic.  I really brought in the frills with the shower curtain though .  What an easy way to change the look as they get older and no longer love ruffles and butterflies.

Girls bathroom design- Just be you

Instead of a towel bar I opted for some cute brass hooks.  Another easy way to bring some personal flair into a bathroom.  I hope you like my little gals bathroom design.  Make sure to comment below for the free “Just Be You” cut out and remember when designing your own home to always stay true to yourself! All bathroom sources linked at the bottom of this post!

Girls bathroom design- Just be you

Girls bathroom design- Just be you

sources and room details

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  1. I love your hardware…..

    Your littles are pretty lucky to have such a beautiful space!

  2. I love all of the beautiful details and the thought that you put into this! What an empowering message for your girls. You remind me of my Mom when I was much much younger. I love seeing all of your home posts, they inspire me so much! Xo Annie

  3. Seriously, the only thing bad about your blogs is you post so many amazing things I don’t which diy to try first.

  4. I love the bathroom rug and amethyst drawer knobs. The butterfly curtain adds special touch of child-whimsy. ?

  5. Mysha, this bathroom look is amazing (as always) How are you able to keep everything so clean with little ones around??‍♀️
    Your sign is inspiring, I am a new mom (8 weeks) and every time I look at IG moms I feel like I am not doing enough. But this is a nice reminder that we cannot be someone else.

    1. Just remember that this is their job…(Ig Moms) are there to work (along with pleasure) but its not your job to keep up. We are here to inspire in our particular category! You are doing amazing

    2. Gohar, make sure you are following niki @carpenterfarmhouse on Instagram for your official entry.
      It looks like you were second to comment.

  6. I love this bathroom! Great work girl, it’s so pretty! Everything you tough turns to gold my friend. And that saying is so sweet, simple and true!

  7. Love it! Such an adorable bathroom. Your visions and transformation of a space are always amazing. Thanks as always for the inspiration!

  8. I love all the cute feminine details! And the lights on the mirror ?? Gorgeous as usual Mysha

  9. I love the idea of putting an inspiration sign in the bathroom – it is after all, the first place many of us go in the mornings. Even better as they get older and spend time getting ready in there!

  10. This turned out so cute! I love the purple stripes and all the little touches you always do Mysha!

  11. Love everything! The brass hooks instead of towel bar is such a good use in going to do that in our bathroom we are currently refinishing! I love the sign and need one for my daughters room- so sweet!!!

  12. I love that the floor tiles are ‘busy’, but in a very subtle way. Not distracting, but certainly interesting!

  13. What a beautiful bathroom for your girls! I love the sign as can relate to it on several levels. I have a young daughter and she wants to be a part of social media but I am still saying “no” right now. I want her to not compare and discuss with her all the time it’s good to “just be you.” Can’t believe how perfect this sign is. XOXO-Carisa

  14. I absolutely love the hardware on the vanity! And the striped wall is SO beautiful. Amazing work!

  15. Not sure my last comment stuck since I was doing it on my phone but I love the details – the knobs, etc. Your whole house is dream worthy.

  16. Love it! I absolutely LOVE that big sink with 2 faucets!!! Fantastic idea! I love how delicate all of the finishings are. Perfect for a girls shared space. Love the color combo too! Excellent job!

  17. I love that the floor tiles are ‘busy’, yet don’t distract from the overall subtle beauty in this space. Lucky little ladies!

  18. I follow you on Instagram and I’m in LOVE with this sign…and the whole room really….actually your whole house!! If you any of you aren’t following her on Instagram….you should be!!!

  19. I love the hardware and the purple. Going to be showing my little one this while we plan her space!

  20. So stunning! Love your style so much. I’m learning to trust my gut just like you talked about the other day. Thanks for sharing what you do with all of us!

  21. Stunning! In love with your choice of hardware and stripped wall.

    Never thought of putting an elephant like that in the washroom, looks amazing.

    As always, your designs are beautiful and something to draw inspiration from. ??

  22. Love your style… so stunning! I’m learning to trust my gut like you spoke about the other day. Thank you for sharing all you do with all of us!

  23. Love the color choices, they are delicate and feminine. The tile on the floor is gorgeous. I love your decorating style!

  24. I seriously LOVE everything about this bathroom!? The brass, the lights, the stripes, the knobs, and while keeping it girly. Such an inspiration!

  25. You have amazing style! Love your DIY techniques. I’m always looking forward to your next project!

  26. LOVE the sign and everything else of course! I also have 2 girls and always tell them that exact thing!

  27. I have been following you for a while. I’m so amazed how you accomplish so much and take care of your family. Your house is beautiful as is your family. You are so sure of yourself. You are a good example to follow. Your little girls is of course beautiful. I know I’m not the 1st 5 to respond, that’s ok I just wanted to give my view.

    1. Yolanda you are so very sweet. Thank you for your continued support. I am not always sure of myself, but I am trying to be more confident in my strength and focus on those. Thank you so much for saying hi!

  28. Very inspiring! As a mom of three older kids I can tell you to keep that saying up somewhere throughout the time they live with you!! You can’t express enough through all stages of their lives to be themselves!!
    I might suggest one if my kids favorite books “I like myself because I’m me”

  29. Love your home!!! You are so talented!!! Your abilities are endless-painting, electrical installations , decorating, shopping, putting together outfits,etc…………. I love watching your posts!!!

  30. I love this bathroom! it is so beautiful and timeless.
    I am interested in how the installation went with the mirror and the lights on top. I love this look.

    1. Hi Nataile, You just have to know exactly where you want the fixtures installed. They have to cut a hole in the mirror where the light is mounted.

  31. Absolutely love your little girls bathroom. Very unique ideas. Love how it’s age appropriate but will stand the test of time . Great vision!!!!!!

  32. Noticed your use of white on all the walls in your house. Two questions: 1) Did you use the same color for your trim? 2) What paint finishes do you prefer for walls and trim?

    1. Hi Candice, I always list sources on my blog for my readers to easily find. Paint colors & flooring as well as furnishings are on my Shop & Source pages. They are categorized by room. That being said, my walls are Simply white (eggshell) by Benjamin Moore and my trim is the same color in a semi gloss finish.

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