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I’ve been admiring simplistic metal framed shades on ceiling lights and lamps lately, so i thought why not for my pendants! Here are the DIY fixtures i came up with and how they were accomplished…
(The red cabinetry and molding will be going bye bye soon…more on that later.

Pretty fun huh?  They’re different and mismatched and probably not everyones style.  But thats the best part isn’t it?  Being creative and unique and not being scared to try something new.  As a side note, these are the first light fixtures I’ve ever messed with.  Wiring is not my forte, but with some help from CB (hubs) we did it! I already had 3 pendants hanging above my kitchen island, but they were ordinary and nothing to scream about.  Here is what they looked like before i got my hands on them…


Builder grade and bland.  They were hung far too low to start with.  Pretty much at eye level and in my way when playing chef.  I switched the light off (Im no electrician, but i got your back) and unscrewed the light bulb and yellow glass shade from the fixture.  CB then removed the metal mounts from the ceiling and detached the electrical wires (thanks hon!)  Then i unscrewed one of the rods from the pendants poles.  I learned most of these rods come in sections of 2 or 3.  I unscrewed the rod closest to the ceiling and pulled the excess wiring through the ceiling mount at the top of the fixture and secured it back to its original position.  Problem solved and now onto the fun part.  I screwed in the new cage shades on all 3 lights.  Each pendant now had its very own personality!  I picked these up at Lowes for $19 a pop.  Pretty inexpensive for new lights.  I used Edison bulbs I ordered off Amazon inside the cages to carry on with the vintage feel.  You can’t tell from these photos but they give the perfect antique touch with their golden glow.

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  1. Love the look the new pendants give to your revamped kitchen. Did you replace the whole thing for 19 each or was it just the cage pendant that was replace? Can't seem to find them on Lowe's website.

  2. Love the look the new pendants give to the kitchen. Did you replace the whole pendant light or just the cage shade for $19 each? Can't seem to find them online. .is it an in store only item?

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